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Gummy Gue在意大利米兰布奇纳斯科的两个运动场进行了一系列地面彩绘,延续了之前在欧洲其他城市做的运动场改造的风格。

In Buccinasco, Milan (Italy) the new project by Gummy Gue for the municipality has provided a series of site-specific floor painting interventions carried out in two sports areas of the city. The work continues the line of interventions that Gummy Gue has made in sports contexts of several European cities.

▼多功能运动场鸟瞰,aerial view of the multipurpose playground © Ugo Galassi


Painting a playground offers the possibility to cross the field area, to move on the surface of the composition to perceive the evolution of the forms in tune with the game’s dynamics. A variable vision that is continuously regenerated, as in a virtual simulation experienced in real space.

▼多变的彩绘图案,variable painted patterns © Ugo Galassi

▼动态的球类运动,dynamic basketball games © Ugo Galassi

▼近景,closer view © Ugo Galassi


The project proposes two compositions designed for two types of playgrounds, multipurpose and basketball. The color palettes used have a direct reference to the world of sport, the play space is crossed by lines and shapes that announce the energy of sporting dynamics.

▼篮球场鸟瞰,aerial view of the basketball playground © Ugo Galassi

▼线条和图形贯穿运动空间,the play space is crossed by lines and shapes © Ugo Galassi

▼使用场景,usage scenarios © Ugo Galassi

摄影师Ugo Galassi的镜头呈现出改造成果,他细致的拍摄提高了运动姿态的美学价值,呼应了该项目将运动场拓展为可视化叙述的意图。

The results of the interventions are presented through a series of shots by photographer Ugo Galassi, where careful direction enhances the aesthetic value of the athletic gesture, in relation to the intentions of the project to expand into new possible visual narratives.

▼彩绘细部,painting details © Ugo Galassi

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