Zorgvlied Crematorion, Amsterdam by GROUP A

Crematorion with a tent-like structure, which furnace opening connected directly with the outside.

Project Specs


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Zorgvlied Crematorion, situated in the historical Zorgvlied Cemetery in Amsterdam, opened last spring. The word Crematorion is composed of the words cremate and Orion (constellation), and represents a new approach to cremation allowing mourners to accompany the remains of their beloved ones as far as possible towards the cremation furnace. GROUP A has designed the innovative structure in such a way it facilitates this new approach.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building


▼ 内部 interior




Ritual in architecture and environment 


The 16-metre high Crematorion is carefully embedded in the leafy surroundings of the cemetery and the vegetation on both sides of the path continues rising along the walls of the exterior. The Crematorion has a base made of stone and a light, tent-like superstructure over it, ending into a glass covered opening. The contrasting materials symbolise the tension between the heaviness of the earth and the insubstantiality of the heavenly and spiritual. The opening in the top is oriented to the sun and the rotation in the tent-structure stems from the difference between the incidence of sunlight and the direction of the site. Daylight comes from above into the forecourt, where it illuminates the glass mosaic wall. This wall also separates the forecourt from the technical area of the Crematorion.

▼建筑融入环境,the architecture embedded in the surroundings with vegetation along the walls

▼技术区域入口,entrance of technical area


▼ 植被半覆盖着建筑,the building is embedded by the plants

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▼材质的对比象征肉体和灵魂,contrast of the materials symbolise the earth and the spirit



A fitting way of leave-taking


The Crematorion is a stand-alone building, housing a cremation furnace and processing room, separate from the usual auditorium. The structure is designed to focus the minds on the ritual of leave-taking. It is designed to evoke personal involvement, allowing each participant to shape it and give it meaning in his or her own particular way. The farewell ceremony may be held in the auditorium of Zorgvlied or elsewhere – even at home. After this ceremony, the relatives accompany the remains of their dear deceased loved one through the beautiful grounds of Zorgvlied to the Crematorion. The next of kin get to choose whether they want to leave the casket in the special forecourt, or whether they want to enter it into the furnace themselves. The furnaces opening is connected directly to the outside. Also, unlike a regular service at a crematorium, all invitees can be present at the moment the casket enters the furnace. It allows differing cultures the opportunity of taking leave in their own way, employing the rituals they consider most appropriate.

▼火葬炉开口与外界直接相连,the furnace opening connected directly to the outside


▼ 从火葬炉口看向外界,view from the furnace to outside



The final journey

建筑本身的形态亲切并出众,其轻盈的帐篷式结构为一种隐喻,使人联想到灵魂从实体中升华。自古以来,葬礼都包含将遗体由送别仪式抬到火葬场这一步骤,在Group A的设计中,这段遗属送别死者的旅途被作为十分重要的考量,并在这座建筑中找到了其含义,死者的灵魂与肉体分离,顺着建筑的垂直结构缓缓上升,终化为天上的星辰。

The distinctive pavilion is a friendly and recognizable building, with its subtle hints of something higher than the earthly sphere. In GROUP A’s design, the routing through the historic Cemetery – the journey of the deceased and the next of kin, from the auditorium to the Crematorion – plays an important role. The verticality of the design reinforces the idea of the spirit of the departed, rising to the imaginary stars. It helps to turn this final journey into a meaningful ritual.

▼灵魂仿佛沿建筑向上升华,the spirit rises through the vertical design


▼总平面,site plan

K:410 Zorgvlied7 PR2 Tekeningen410-UO-10 Model (1)


K:410 Zorgvlied7 PR2 Tekeningen410-UO-11 Model (1)

K:410 Zorgvlied7 PR2 Tekeningen410-UO-11 Model (1)

▼剖面图,一侧为前院,一侧为技术区域,section indicating that one side is the forecourt and the other is the technical area

K:410 Zorgvlied7 PR2 Tekeningen410-UO-12 Model (1)

Project data
Project Name: Zorgvlied Crematorion
Project Address: Amsteldijk 273, 1079 LL Amsterdam
Client: Gemeente Amstelveen
Architect: GROUP A, Rotterdam
Team: Maarten van Bremen, Jos Overmars, Folkert van Hagen, Adam Visser Main Contractor: Bouwbedrijf van Schaik BV, Breukelen

Structural Engineer: Breed ID, Den Haag
Structural Engineer Tent: Tentech bv, Utrecht
M-Installations: Kemp Installatie BV, Amstelveen
E-Installations: Hirdes Energie Techniek, Amsterdam

Cremation oven: DFW Europe, Broek op Langendijk
Start Design: 2010
Start Construction: August 2015
Completion: March 2016
Area: 250 sqm

Photography: Digidaan, Amsterdam

Drawings: GROUP A
English text: GROUP A
Chinese text: gooood

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