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A minimalist cafe located in Seoul

Project Specs


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Birth of yyyyynnn


In the ‘meaninglessness’, infinite possibilities are concealed, so it seems that we have to tear the back side of the brilliant light of our creation which we obsessed with. The meaninglessness cultivated in the vacuum state of the time when the condition, the meaning and the form doesn’t exist, and it is now on indifferent blank-paper.

▼咖啡厅外观,exterior view

▼室内概览,interior view

▼室内外过渡区域,transition area


Blurred boundary of creation


Thousands of anxieties and worries. The realities of the poor beauty accompanied with pain drive us to the edge. The source of aesthetic destitution is ourselves! Clear line doesn’t seem to be drawn. We will disappear into a more hazy place and remain nothing beside the blank. The boundary is harshly confusing. On this hazy boundary, we will meet a ‘miserable miracle’.

▼从室内望向室外,view to the outside from interior

▼共享餐桌,shared table

▼从厨房区域望向餐桌,view from the kitchen area

▼走廊视角,view from the corridor

▼咖啡厅厨房,kitchen area

▼厨房操作台细部,kitchen island detailed view


Miserable miracle



▼内部就座空间,internal seating area

At the edge of a tropical ocean, in the thousand shimmers of the silver light of an invisible moon, among the undulations of the agitated waters, incessantly changing… Among the silent surges, the tremulations of the illuminated tablecloth, in the va-and- comes quickly martyring spots of light, in the tearing of loops and arches and lines of light, in the occultations, reappearances, in the dancing fragments distorting, reforming, contracting, spreading to redistribute again before me, with me, in myself, drowned and in an unbearable rustling, my calm violated a thousand times by the tongues of the infinite oscillating, sinusoidally invaded by the crowd of liquid lines, immense with a thousand folds,  I was and was not. I was obsessed, I was lost, I was in the utmost ubiquity. The thousand and a thousand rustles were my thousand shreds.

*Quotes from <Miserable miracle> by Henri Michaux, 1956

▼内部座位区细部,seating area detailed view

▼镜墙细部,mirrored wall detail

▼镜中的厨房,the kitchen reflected in the mirror

▼家具和灯具细部,furniture and lighting pieces


▼平面设计,graphic design

▼菜单设计,menu design


Typology: Commercial
Usage: Cafe
Location: 1F, 71, Yunboseon-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Floor Area: 108m2
Involvement: Concept Design, Construction
Status: Completed
Date of completion: March, 2019
Photography: Sunghoon, Han

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