YUFUNAN Private Kitchen, China by INDOOR DESIGN

Taste the food from distant places at The Southern Fish”

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The 6th year into the operation of The Southern Fish, we ushered in the third alleyway shop—The Southern Fish · Yinhai.

▼建筑外观,Exterior view ©周倩倩


When creating this brand, we expected that every shop could be unique. Based in the alleyway, through Yangmeizhu, Shicha Lake, to Tai Koo Li when we once tried to jump out of the alley space, we find every place charming in its own way for the time and space converged there. We spent one year creating this space, in which we have injected our thinking of the human- space, human-food, and human relations in the post-epidemic age.

▼外立面和庭院原貌,The original appearance of the facade & the courtyard


隐 | HIDE


The new shop is hidden in the alley of Shichahai. This freestanding alley building in Beijing adds a unique ambience to the shop—black bricks and grey tiles, bouquets of flowers and old trees, rise and decline right “in front of your eyes”. The window has always been an important detail of design, through which a scene is taken, and everyday things admirable.

▼外立面现状,The facade after renovation ©周倩倩


As a restaurant, it is expected to integrate into the alleyway life. Therefore, the façade reserves the texture of a traditional alleyway, and the initial windows and wooden door at the entrance are saved, only with a different color—the secluded, detaching black.

The courtyard corner after renovation

▼庭院一角,A corner of the courtyard ©周倩倩

▼下沉庭院,Sinking courtyard ©周倩倩


海 | SEA



Limited by the area and the type of business, we closed the top space of the original courtyard, connected it to the indoor space and divided the dining area into three different styles, creating the undulating wave-like space-experience.

Blue is the color of “freedom, the sky and the sea”. This third shop is located near Houhai of Shicha Lake, for which we add a touch of blue to the decorations and utensils, to hint the diners the background of the dishes.

▼大厅就餐区,Main dining area ©周倩倩

▼用餐区细节,dining area details ©周倩倩

▼门厅接待,The reception ©周倩倩

▼大包间,Private room ©周倩倩

▼小包间日景 ©周倩倩
Private room in the daylight


食 | FOOD


The new shop is built as a private kitchen. Different from the sautéed and heavy flavored dishes of traditional Hunan cuisine, The Southern Fish · Hermit respects the ingredients more and tries to restore the real taste of the food with Hunan style. “Taste the food from distant places at The Southern Fish”—this is the idea we want to express.

▼室内细节,Interior detailed view ©门里设计

▼平面图,Plan ©门里设计

▼立面图,Elevation ©门里设计

项目地点:北京大翔凤胡同 2 号
空间面积:220 m²
建成时间:2020 年 11 月

Project Name: YUFUNAN private kitchen
Location: No. 2, Daxiang Feng Hutong, Beijing
Type :Restaurant
Design Company: INDOOR DESIGN
Area: 220
Completion time: In November 2020
Photographer:Qianqian zhou
The company WeChat: indoorgroup

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