Yue Mansion, China by HWA

Suspended Forest Art Museum

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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The project is located in caijia group, beibei district, Chongqing. The west, north and east sides of the site are adjacent to the natural mountain, and the south side is adjacent to tongkang road, the main road of the new town. The current site is a hill about 60 meters high. The sample area is built on the hill. The height difference between the main building and the road along the street is about 6 meters. The nature of the land used for the project is park green space. The sample area will be handed over to the municipal government for use as part of the cultural building of the city park.

▼建筑鸟瞰,aerial view


Considering the public nature of the project and the original emotional memory of the site, different from the common ” enclosed” and ” inward” exhibition centers, the design hopes to create an open, artistic, light and close to nature place, like a suspended art museum located in the forest.

▼建筑概览,over view


Art gallery: public, art, imagination


The straight line belongs to artificial, and the curve belongs to nature. Through the contrast between curve and straight, outgoing and introversion, hardness and softness, the building is separated from nature. It is like a city of sky above floating forest.

▼通过曲与直的对比,使建筑与自然脱离开来,through the contrast between curve and straight, the building is separated from nature

▼美术馆建筑如同是一座漂浮的森林之上的天空之城,the building is like a city of sky above floating forest


To strengthen the elevation difference in mountains, make the artificial construction separate from nature, and highlight the suspension feeling of buildings.

▼场地全景,矛盾而又统一的整体,site panorama, contradictory and unified whole.


Forests: landscape art, memory, touch, hear


Nature is an eternal theme, which preserves and restores the original tableland and meadow features in the site in an artistic way, responding to the cultural memory of the site and Chongqing people’s innate special emotions for mountains.

▼飞扬笔直的大挑台入口,个性而冲突,被大地的曲线包裹其中,straight large platform entrance, personality and conflict, surrounded by the curvature of the earth

▼入口平台,entrance platform

▼台阶依地势拾级而上,the steps are rising by the terrain



Standing on the overhanging viewing platform, you can hear rippling cascading waterfalls, touching soft and rough Pennisetum, swaying with the wind and splashing water, associating with the atmosphere and feelings in the forest, and endowing the site with natural emotional attributes.

▼悬挑而出的观景平台,overhanging viewing platform

▼叠瀑,cascading waterfalls

▼叠瀑细部,cascading waterfalls details


Suspension: conflict, disappearance, separation


The suspended viewing platform is a combination of hard and soft. Wooden material and glass railing, blurring the boundary between the building and nature. Cascading waterfalls in the forest, the wind blowing grass, flowing water and cicada singing.

▼木质材质与玻璃栏杆模糊了构筑与自然的边界,wooden material and glass railing, blurring the boundary between the building and nature

▼夜景,night view


The huge mirror pool reflects the skylight, nature and architecture, Artificial and nature here is harmonious.

▼镜面水池,mirror pool

▼水池中的构筑物,installation in the pool



Address: Cai Jia, beibei district, Chongqing, China
Client : LANDSEA
Project area: 12000 ㎡
Completion date: July 2018
Landscape design: HWA
Design team: Chang Lei, Hong fei, Shao jian, Wang min, Liu wanhong
Construction: Sichuan Jintianxia garden engineering co., ltd.
Text source: HWA
Photography: Holi

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