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A Zen tea house

Project Specs


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The case is located in the old city of Guangzhou Xiguan, bluestone floor, gray brick gray tile of the old building, even more in the bustling city, big faint in the city of quiet.




Designers in a narrow space to create a different space experience, different tea partition, with a different experience, a person is tea and tea dialogue, two people drink tea, is the exchange of people, There is a card position, the height of the hut, tatami, and further meet the people’s privacy requirements. And clever use of buildings between the narrow, creating water view bamboo. With environmental protection, natural, low-carbon material purpose to build space, which extensive use of bamboo elements of the original building cement wall, so that the combination of nature and industry to release a balance and modern elements, to create a quiet Zen tea house , The use of narrow light, so that space is more a mysterious and quiet. There are bamboo, accompanied by tea, the perception of tea and the dialogue between people, ironing posts city noise, the digestion of people’s anxiety and fatigue.

▼不同的品茶分区有着不一样的体验,the tea-tasting area with different spatial experience

▼错落的小屋饮茶区,the tea huts arranged in different levels

▼弯曲的竹结构浮动在饮茶区上空,the twisting bamboo elements are floating above the tea-tasting area


With the traditional Chinese cursive for the blueprint, with bamboo for ink, in space to write, the formation of a unique space device art, rough and publicity to the wooden grille with the formation of straight lines and straight contrast Space has a richer sense of hierarchy and rhythm. Everyone has a side of the pure land, about nature, quiet, back Pu, worry-free aesthetic of the environment. A pot of tea, a book, a fragrance will be quiet for half a day.

▼建筑之间的窄缝被巧妙地用于创造水景竹林,the gap between the walls were utilized to create a water view


项目地址: 广东省、广州市
摄影师: 彭宇宪
设计时间: 2016年10月26日
Project Name: Yongqing Square (Division) Lingnan traditional tea culture experience places
Project Address: Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City
Project area:180㎡
Design Company:Daosheng Design Co.,Ltd
Moderator: He Yongming
Participate in the designer: Dao Sheng Design Team
Customer Name: Guangzhou City To Find Cultural Transmission Limited
Main materials: Grice Gray Marble, White Wood Grain Marble, Ashland Gray Marble, Bangdi Crystal Floor, To Plastic, Bamboo, 304 Gray Stainless Steel Sandblasted Surface, Wall Cloth, Antique Brick, Paint Glass, Gray Latex Paint , White Latex Paint
Photographer: Peng Yuxian
Design time: October 26, 2016
Completion time: May 06, 2017

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