Yeosu Gyeongdo Island Masterplan by UNStudio

A new sustainable leisure destination in South Korea with nature as its driving force

Project Specs


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Reimagining the concept of the garden, UNStudio’s masterplan for South Korea’s Gyeongdo Island goes beyond traditional landscape design.

▼项目概览,project overview ©Plomp


The Korean garden, reimagined


Our masterplan for this new leisure destination on South Korea’s southern peninsula puts the natural environment at the heart of the design, envisaging an island destination where culture and nature exist in harmony. Drawing inspiration from traditional Korean gardens, which offer a place for human activities while also celebrating flora and fauna, UNStudio’s design envisages a sustainable leisure destination where the natural and manmade environments are seamlessly linked.

▼整体规划平面图,Master Plan ©Plomp

▼木栈道规划,boardwalk ©UNStudio


The development is split into three neighbourhoods, spread across the 470,000 m2-site, each with a distinct garden concept. These neighbourhoods feature buildings that are responsive to the natural environment and centre around the green qualities inherent to the island, enriching the existing conservation areas while also making space for a lush forest.

▼景观规划概念,landscape design concept ©UNStudio


The buildings are embedded in the landscape and follow its natural morphology, while we have also paid special attention to how the scenery is framed – an important legacy of traditional Korean gardens – to help maintain the natural landscape as a continuous theme, inside and out.

▼建筑群嵌入自然景观,the buildings are embedded in the landscape ©Plomp


Experiences that contrast with city life


The creation of memorable experiences is also a driver for the design of the amenities offered on Gyeongdo Island. Aiming to turn the site into Asia’s number one marine and coastal tourism destination, the new development offers a rich programme of amenities, activities and infrastructure, including an exclusive hotel, private villas, holiday apartments, an outdoor-indoor water park resort, shopping centre, marinas and a cable-car. Placing the different needs and wishes of the various users at the centre of the design, the masterplan offers a number of destinations, from affordable options, such as a family resort, to more exclusive private villas on a smaller neighbouring island.

▼滨海步道,Malecon ©Plomp

▼码头,docking ©Plomp

▼岛上别墅,villas on the neighboring island ©Plomp


Ease of movement is ensured by a seamless public transportation system that offers limitless possibilities of access to multiple destinations and recreation activities.

▼交通系统示意,transportation system ©UNStudio

▼夜间滨海风景,costal view by night ©Plomp

Yeosu Gyeongdo Island Masterplan, South Korea, 2017 to present
Client: YKDevelopment, Ltd.
Project Area: 2,127,189 m2
Total GFA: 470,000 m2
Phase: Masterplan Schematic Design
Current status: Submitted for planning permission

UNStudio: Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos, Frans van Vuure with Dana Behrman and Maria Zafeiriadou, Milena Stopic, Olga Kovrikova, Vlad Cuc, Pietro Scarpa, Pietro Marziali, Ajax Abreu Garcia, Saba Navani, Alexander Nanu, Pedro Silva Costa, Qiao Xu, Chen Shijie, Ana Maldonado, Matthew Harrison, Niek Immers, Alexander Kalachev, Leon Hansmann, Atira Ariffin, Yiya Wang, Suhan Na, Haoran Wang, Cagdas Delen, Patrik Noome, Bart Bonenkamp,

Economic Strategy: Saskia Leenstra (NL), LDP (UK)
Digital Communication: squint/opera (UK)
Landscape: Or/Else (NL)
Water Management and IT: Nelen & Schuurmans (NL)
Traffic: MIC (IT)
Visualisations: Plomp (NL), Flying Architecture (CZ)

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