Room in the city, Belgium by 51N4E

Tranquil garden in a bustling city

Project Specs


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The client, a family of 5, lives in an archetypical row house on a dense plot in the historic centre of Leuven.

▼住宅入口,隐于城市密集区,entrance within dense plot of city  ©Maxime Delvaux


▼轴测图,多个空间的集合体,axonometric drawing, collection of diverse spaces  ©Maxime Delvaux

The home is transformed into a collection of connected spaces with very diverse characters: a very big, high and bright space with zenithal light becomes the centre of the project. A small adjoining brick shed is reached through a secret staircase. The street side room serves as a vestibule, a reception space plus storage room. The garden becomes an open air room with green walls and an oversized water element.

▼明亮开敞的中心空间,open and bright central space  ©Maxime Delvaux

▼朝向室外花园,facing the outdoor garden  ©Maxime Delvaux

▼花墙装点庭院,flower wall decorates the courtyard ©Maxime Delvaux

▼阳光自顶棚投向室内,Sunlight fill into indoor space from the ceiling ©Maxime Delvaux

▼餐厅,dining room ©Maxime Delvaux

▼通往砖房的门洞,door towards adjoining brick shed ©Maxime Delvaux

▼地面材质细节,detail of the floor material ©Maxime Delvaux


The rooms are defined through a careful formulation of building elements: a floating glass-roof, a thin concrete staircase, a terrazzo floor slab, a green earth wall, a large sliding window.

▼空间材质拼贴,material collage ©51N4E

▼不同元素的搭配营造和谐的空间氛围, combination of different elements creates a harmonious space atmosphere ©Maxime Delvaux

▼淡绿色的墙及轻盈的混凝土楼梯, light green earth wall and thin concrete staircase ©Maxime Delvaux

▼装饰细节,detail of the decoration ©Maxime Delvaux


This collection of rooms becomes an ambivalent living environment in the continuum of public and private rooms that compose the city fabric.

▼从室内私密空间看向开敞的大厅, view of the open space from private interior room ©Maxime Delvaux

▼住宅后窗,back window of the house ©Maxime Delvaux

▼通向后门的小路,path towards back door ©Maxime Delvaux

project name: Room in the city
location: Drinkwaterstraat 12, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
programme: reorganization of a single family house.
built surface: 300  m²
design period: 2013 – 2014
construction period: 2014 – 2016
Project authors: 51N4E
partners Johan Anrys, Freek Persyn,
51N4E  team; Jan Haerens ; Charlotte Schmidt; Jolein Bergers
copyright images :51N4E (collages/ renderings)
Client; private
Garden design: Plant- en Houtgoed,
structural engineering: Util, Frans Leenaerts, Brussels , Belgium
EPB: iVec, Leuven, Belgium

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