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Creating a sense of classical atmosphere in a Nordic castle and old wine cellar

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Located along the streets of the old town in the center of Zhangzhou, a whiskey bar hidden in the busy downtown area quietly opened. At first, I discussed with my friend (the founder of the bar), thinking about how to create a mysterious bar hidden in the downtown area?

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First of all, we did some market research. Every time when we travel to a city for business, we will go to some distinctive bars to relax our tired body and mind. The designs of bars today are mostly based on contemporarily cool and luxury style or mix-and-match style, which create a more jumping atmosphere there. But can such a space really relax you?

Regarding the design of the bar, we and Party A hope to finally present a sense of classical atmosphere of a Nordic castle and old wine cellar, just like the warm-toned castle of the vampire royal family Aro in the movie “Twilight”. It can attract the attention of the guests at first glance and give them a unique feel of entering a vampire residence.

▼空间概览,general view © 品界设计


Starting from the entrance, a cave entrance was designed to give pedestrians the desire to walk in. Open the curtains, as if to fade away the hustle and bustle of the glitzy world, and then step inside. In front of the long wooden bar, there are all kinds of men and women sitting there, spitting out cigarette rings and tasting mellow wine. Only the bartender is shaking his glass neatly in the warm candlelight. Bottles of whiskey are placed on the wall behind him and the wall is a wine niche built up piece by piece with old stones. Against the background of the mottled stone wall, a sense of chaos in time and space is created, as if returning to the pictures in the old Nordic movies.

▼入口区域,entrance area © 品界设计

▼门帘细节,door curtain © 品界设计

▼前厅区域,lobby © 品界设计

▼吧台区域,bararea © 品界设计


Besides, the indoor space uses candlelight as atmosphere lighting. The candles are placed high and low in the corners of each table and bar counter. The dusky warm-toned atmosphere makes guests feel a kind of distance with each other. That’s because in order to maintain the mystery between the seats, we used the dim candlelight to reflect an invisible but intentional partition. Along with the top arch combined with Roman columns and old gray brick walls, they create such a special bar that is different from the traditional. In the overall presentation of the space, every detail has its function and cannot be seen separately. But the ingenious details as well as the combination of the European-style castle stone walls and the deep caves, are silently highlighting the space story that the designers want to tell.

▼烛光照亮座位区 © 品界设计
seating areas are illuminated by candlelight

▼古堡石墙和深邃的洞穴风格结合 © 品界设计
the combination of castle stone walls and deep caves


The design of the bar maximizes the sense of space experience, and customers who come in can have different feelings. There are both cave elements and castle elements in the design, and the two are combined to complement each other. There is no trendy atmosphere of feasting and revelry here, only you and me under the romantic candlelight. There is no eye-catching sight here, only a warm sense of classic. This is the wonderful space we want to make, a space design that can stand the test of time.

▼吧台细节,bar detailed view © 品界设计

▼店面标识,store front sign © 品界设计

▼平面图,plan © 品界设计

Interior Design: Scope Design
Chief Designer: Weng De/Liang Jianfeng
Project Address: Zhangzhou, Fujian
Space Category: Commercial Space
Design Style: Classicalism
Project Area: 100 m2
使用材料:Used Materials:
Art Paint, Antique Wood Floor Tiles, Grey Bricks, Old Tocks, Grey Mirrors, Distressed Walnut, Frosted Glass, Microcement Floors

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