Yamazaki Bakery, Shang Jia Center, Shanghai, China by Jin Design Studio

Transparent enclosure of bread showcase.

Project Specs


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Yamazaki 山崎面包是一家日资面包店,自制面包、西饼等。2004年Yamazaki入驻上海。Jin Design Studio应邀为Yamazaki设计了上海尚嘉中心久光店设计师希望在网红盛行的魔都,通过设计让传统的山崎面包吸引更多种类的消费人群,让更多的年轻人去接受这类品牌。

▼立面展示,elevation display

Yamazaki bread is a Japanese – owned bakery, homemade bread, western bread and so on. Yamazaki entered Shanghai since 2004. Jin Design Studio was invited to design Jiuguang Store in Shanghai Shang Jia Center for Yamazaki. The designers hope to make the traditional Yamazaki bread attract more kinds of consumers and make more young people accept such brands in Shanghai which web celebrity culture prevails.

▼被围合的面包展柜,enclosed bread showcase

▼另一侧转角处面包展柜,bread showcase around the corner

▼展示区得到更好的延伸,the display area is better extended

▼立面展示区效果,elevation display


In order to weaken the volume of the bread cabinet and maintain the continuity of the exhibition area, the horizontal structure of the laminate gives the whole bread store an extension and display function. Create a sense of being wrapped by bread, make it separate from the diverse and complex environment of the shopping mall, and become the focus of the visual center of the whole shopping mall. The floating bread can be seen from any angle of the mall. The vertical structure of all the bread cabinets is minimized, and it looks like the bread cabinet is floating in the air.

▼不同高的不同柜体,the cabinet of different height

▼玻璃背板使面包柜体更通透,the glass back makes the bread cabinet more transparent

▼侧面立板的小兔子耳朵的卡通图案,cartoon of a bunny’s ear on a side elevation


From the evolution of a bread box from laminate, and groove, storage cabinets, disc clamping cabinets. Set several different sets of heights.
The opening of the bread cabinet is treated differently because the customers have different views when they choose. At the height of children’s viewpoints, set the box body of children’s area, and put 2 side boards of bread suitable for children’s taste to set cartoon patterns (like the cartoon patterns in Japanese comics).

▼水磨石吧台和木质层板的小拖板,Terrazzo counter and small wooden pallets

▼放置法棍&现烤面包的中岛柜,the island cabinet where baguette & toasted bread is placed


Select cream-colored stone, paste the whole wall and ground. Just as in bread-making, milk-white flour sprinkled with sesame seeds can better stimulate consumers’ desire to buy from the visual senses.



面 积:89平米
材 料:预制麻石、金属、橡木板、有机玻璃、涂料。
摄影师: Peter Dixie 洛唐建筑摄影。
Project Name: Yamazaki Bakery, Shang Jia Center
Area: 89sqm
Design Period: 1month
Materials: precast marble, metal, oak plate, glass, paint
Design Team: Jin Design Studio
Project Designer: Fan Jijing, Lin Lida, Wang Yinxuan, Song Wanyang
Contractor: Shanghai Chao Tian Decoration&Construction,Ltd
Props Manufacture: Shanghai Xin Hong Expo&Display Service, Ltd
Photograper:Peter Dixie

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