Xinzhongyuan Ceramic Zhengzhou Future Store By Update Studio

The retail space is transformed into art installation with the sense of extension.

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Zhengzhou future store is a new retail space built for the future market. The design of the whole space has broken through the traditional display for ceramic tile products. By adjusting the position and proportion of the product, a retail space is transformed into art installation with the sense of extension. It also represents Xinzhongyuan’s prospective vision and exploration spirit for the future.

▼门店外观,view of the store


When the consumers come to the space, the first sight is a reception desk which integrates with products. It makes the reception desk no longer a single furnishing, but a part of space with all the products. As a starting point for the entire streamline, the shop assistant will guide consumers from the reception desk to experience this unique space.

▼与瓷砖产品融合在一起的接待台,a reception desk which integrates with products


Followed by the assistant’s guide, consumers will first come to the coffee bar. The bar consists of an interactive screen area and a coffee area. Interactive screen area will show scrolling images to state the brand history and the culture behind. It will also introduce the latest flagship products, so that consumers in the beginning can be impressed by these image of the brand.

▼吧台分别由互动屏幕区域和咖啡吧区域两部分组成,the bar consists of an interactive screen area and a coffee area


When come to the coffee bar area, the consumers will be invited to take a break and get a cup of coffee. So that consumers can appreciate the design details with the aroma of coffee. Thus consumers will have a good memory for the space in sense of smell, taste and vision.

▼咖啡吧台, the coffee bar area


The shop assistant then directs the customers to the chatting area and starts to understand their demand. At the same time, the shop assistant will recommend relevant products to consumers and explain the usage scenarios and follow-up services of the products. When the consumers select the products, the assistant will lead the consumers to find the product in the store and let the customers touch and feel the texture of the ceramic.

▼洽谈区,the chatting area


In the end the consumer will come to the check-out area to complete the purchase. As the last node of the entire streamline, the check-out area has dual functions. When the passenger flow volume is large, this is a place for customers to use. When the passenger flow volume is small, it will become a place for employees to handle their daily work.

▼签单区,the check-out area


Through the analysis of consumers, we pick the designer as our main consumers. In order to attract them to this space, we abandoned the unified furniture style. Every piece of furniture is carefully selected and has its own characteristics. All the furniture are design by masters. The furniture will add a sense of belonging to the designers and make them feel like they belong to their own settlements and social spaces.

▼人群定位分析,analysis of consumers


At the same time, these selected small appliances also match the whole atmosphere of the space. From each detail of those products, consumers can feel the power of the brand, and their tireless pursuit of perfection.

▼摆件设计,appliances design


In order to allow the clerks to understand the design of the entire space and shopping guide process, we also design a store introduction manual for Xinzhongyuan Zhengzhou future store. This manual includes all the design concept and the details of each functional node and furniture.

▼门店介绍手册,guide book

1 .旋转产品的排列方向。
1. Rotate the direction of products.
2. Change the interval and proportion of the products.
3. Rearrange the position by the color and the texture of products.


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