Xiangcheng Yangcheng Lake Tourist Transportation Center, China by Kengo Kuma and Associates

An aluminum-made mountainscape

Project Specs


非常感谢 隈研吾建筑都市设计事务所 予gooood分享以下内容。更多关于: Kengo Kuma and Associates on gooood. Appreciation towards Kengo Kuma and Associates for providing the following description:


This is a port terminal for the lake called Yangcheng, known for the production of Shanghai crabs. We aimed to build a topographic structure as a large hill by randomly placing aluminum extruded materials with single-sized sections.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view ©Tsehou Hsiao

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©Erieta Attali

▼由挤压铝材构建的形似山丘的结构,a large hill built by randomly placing aluminum extruded materials with single-sized sections ©Erieta Attali

▼由广场望向廊桥,view to the bridge from the square ©Erieta Attali

▼檐下走廊空间,corridor sheltered by the roof ©Erieta Attali

▼室外平台,outdoor terrace ©Erieta Attali


Inside is designed as the assemblage of slanted floors, in order to maintain the same landform both in inside and outside that create some random yet ambiguous state.

▼大厅,lobby ©Erieta Attali

▼室内空间,interior view ©Erieta Attali

▼屋顶结构细部,roof structure detailed view ©Erieta Attali

▼黄昏下的游客中心,the Tourist Transportation Center by the evening ©Erieta Attali

Xiangcheng Yangcheng Lake Tourist Transportation Center
Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, China
tourist center, ship yard, retail
Photography by Erieta Attali and Tsehou Hsiao

More: 隈研吾建筑都市设计事务所。更多关于: Kengo Kuma and Associates on gooood

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