Poltrona Frau paper installation by Out & In Interior Design Office

The elegant pleats of paper, wrapping the warm light and shadow

Project Specs


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采用空间语言阐述时空与时空的交错联结,穿梭变换积淀,从现代回到1919。建筑装置艺术 & Poltrona Frau一次设计视觉融合。

The spatial language is used to explain the interlaced connection between time and space and time and space, and the shuttle transforms and accumulates, returning to 1919 from modern times. Architectural installation art & Poltrona Frau designed visual integration.


纸窗 | Paper window


Wrapped in warm light & shadow.


融于周围环境 | Blend into the context


It is just that the building is next to a large willow tree, and the number of years is so lush and elegant. The wind swayed from the tree shadow, and we quietly observed the shape of the wind outside the building. The thick and faint tree shadows, the 1919 cigar chair with a hundred years of history in the distance, are so far out of reach, but so fascinating.



纸 | Paper


On the rice paper paste, the people inside and outside are intertwined. Under the dim light, the inner interaction is started: release and release yourself. It seems that through a layer of paper, you can’t see the concrete things, but you are full of curiosity and look around. Maybe this is a kind of desire.


褶皱 | Pleats


Pleats, the idea begins with the design concept and has always existed in our imagination, because it is an uncontrollable form of expression. Xuan paper is the most important material in this installation, and it is also the patience and skill of the people who perform the test. We tried it many times and decided to use a sweet potato powder as a fixative. Just pasting the architectural frame, a disturbing pleat reveals the most uncontrollable uncontrollable effect and is uneven.


Water, the source of life, seems to be another form of expression during the execution of this building. Our building installation began to breathe with the sun.

白天,宣纸受阳光温度湿度影响,紧绷。 晚上,温度下降湿度上升,松弛。惊喜万分,也是一次实践的经验。

During the day, rice paper is affected by the humidity of the sun and tight. At night, the temperature drops and the humidity rises and relaxes. Surprise is also a practical experience.

幕后团队 TEAM —— 鸣谢
品牌主办方 / 一再一物 Art & Collection
装置艺术设计 / OUT&IN.DESIGN 正反设计
活动策划&创意设计 / 杀菌
创意设计深化&执行 / 黄灿蕾&白菜
拍摄记录 / 王飞

More: 正反设计。更多关于他们:  Out & In Interior Design Office on gooood

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