Wu Yoga in Wuxi, China by JCD.Interior Design

The nature and purpose of the design space and artifacts in the end

Project Specs


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“除 了 身 心 的 愉 悦,皆 是 無。”

Admittedly, today’s design is the pursuit of visual stimulation and dazzling lost in that we are increasingly wondering: What is the nature and purpose of the design space and artifacts in the end for? However, the sound of technology and social progress is to let us pay attention to real life. Many people have realized that the body is comfortable, comfortable and let the warmth and silentness become the highest praise for space and utensils.
“In addition to the pleasure of mind and body, everything is not.”

▼入口大厅,纯白的室内空间,the white entrance hall

▼入口大厅的水磨石前台接待处,配有绿色植物,the reception made of terrazzo in the entrance hall with green plants

▼入口大厅细节,details of the entrance hall

▼入口大厅天花板细节,details of the ceiling of the entrance hall

▼从休闲区看入口大厅,水磨石的地面和接待台与白色墙面和谐相融,viewing the entrance hall from the recreation area, the terrazzo flooring and counter complement the white walls

▼从大厅看休闲区和楼梯,viewing the recreation area and interior stairs from the entrance hall

▼休闲区和楼梯,休闲区下沉,中间设有木制台面,the recreation area and the interior stairs, the recreation area is sunken with a wooden furniture in the center

▼休闲区和楼梯细节,details of the recreation area and the interior stairs

▼室内局部通高,站在一层可以看到二层的连廊,the double-height interior space, viewing the aerial corridor on the second floor from the first floor

▼从二层俯瞰一层,overlooking the first floor from the second floor

▼二层休闲区B,空中连廊连接A、B两个休闲区,the recreation area B on the second floor, an aerial corridor links the recreation area A and the recreation area B

▼一层平面布置图,1F layout plan

▼二层平面布置图,2F layout plan

项目设计 & 完成年份:2019

Project Name: Wu Yoga
Creative Design: Li Bo
Project Year: 2019
Project Location: No. 67 Pioneer Road
Photographer: ingallery

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