Woodhouse Hotel, China by ZJJZ

To capture the tranquil beauty of nature

Project Specs


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Located in the remote village of Tuanjie, the Woodhouse Hotel is one of the first projects of a new government policy to help ameliorate rural poverty through the introduction of agricultural tourism. Unlike other rural areas, the village of Tuanjie has little traditional architecture to hold on to. Instead, the striking landscapes and pollution-free farmlands are the village’s greatest assets. Therefore, our design goal was set to capture the beauty of nature with tranquil forms that harmonize with the surrounding environment.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view


The hotel consists of 10 single-story wooden houses on a hillside that merges into abundant grass and woods. The topography of the site is complex and features scattered rock formations. Drawings no longer provide sufficient information in this case. Eventually, through thorough site surveys, the location and orientation of the ten wood houses were determined so as to capture the most appealing views without disrupting the original rock formations and forests. A reasonable pedestrian path leads from the bottom of the mountain to the ten individual houses.

▼十栋独栋木屋坐落于陡峭的岩山上,10 single-story wooden houses are located on a hillside that merges into abundant grass and woods

▼木屋选取了三种简单的基本几何形态,wooden houses with three basic geometric forms


Because of the complex terrain, all building materials were manually transported up to the mountain. In order to improve construction efficiency and minimize damage to the original rock formations, a combined structural system was adopted for each house using a wood-structured object and an elevated steel platform. The carbonized wood of the facade was manufactured on site with a simple process to reduce cost.

▼木屋以挑高的钢结构平台作为基座,each house uses a wood-structured object and an elevated steel platform

▼木屋外观细部,exterior detailed view


The design of the wood houses aims to harmonize with the landscape and the rustic atmosphere while forming a contrast to the existing village buildings. Therefore, we avoided complex or exaggerated designs and selected three basic geometric forms. Each house serves as a separate room. The volumes of the rooms are minimized to reduce the sense of presence in the environment while ensuring indoor comfort.


▼每栋建筑提供舒适的独立客房,each house serves as a separate room ensuring indoor comfort



The façade, made of carbonized wood, is weather-resistant, and its color and texture make the wood houses blend into the landscape smoothly. For interior space, various windows are cut out in each house according to their form and orientation, introducing rich layers of surrounding landscapes into the pure volumes.

▼内凹的阳台带来独揽山景的私密感,the retracted balcony offers an intimate view to the mountain

▼酒店夜景,night view

▼施工照片,construction photo

▼小屋类型1平面图,plan type 1

▼小屋类型2平面图,plan type 2

▼小屋类型3平面图,plan type 3

▼小屋类型1-3立面图,elevation type 1-3

▼小屋类型1剖面图,section type 1

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018  
主创及设计团队:曹振宇, 陈宣儒, 沈洪良, 蔡玉盈  
项目地址:贵州, 中国  
建筑面积:500m2(40-50 m2/栋)  
摄影版权:Laurian Ghinitoiu http://www.laurianghinitoiu.com/

Project name: Woodhouse Hotel  
Design: ZJJZ  
Website: http://www.zjjz-atelier.com/
Contact e-mail: zjjz@zjjz-atelier.com
Design year & Completion Year: 2018  
Leader designer & Team: Zhenyu Cao, Xuanru Chen, Sean Shen, Yuying Kate Tsai  
Project location: Guizhou, China  
Gross Built Area (square meters): 500m2(40-50 m2/building)
Photo credits: Laurian Ghinitoiu http://www.laurianghinitoiu.com/

Partners Local Structural and MEP Engineer: Guiyang Architectural Design & Surveying Prospecting Co., Ltd.
Clients: Guizhou Dafa Tourism Development Co., Ltd.  

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