WOOD Cocktail & Whisky Bar, China by YUDesigns

To integrate the young blood runs in cocktails with the serenity flows in whisky

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards YUDesigns for providing the following description:

正如名字所示,WOOD cocktail & whisky bar主营鸡尾酒和威士忌,余论设计也尝试通过室内设计来阐释主题,形神统一。皇室蓝的艺术涂料墙面和拉丝铜酒柜是WOOD两面主墙,7.5米层高一通到顶。同时,空间上下两层楼的格局,分别阐释了鸡尾酒所代表的年轻随性,威士忌赋予的古典深远。

Not only being directly stated in its name, but also with the elaboration of interior design by YUDesigns, WOOD is a bar specializes in cocktails and whisky. With a height of 7.5M all the way from bottom to top, WOOD is made up of two main walls; one in the color of royal blue, another with built-in liquor cabinet made from wire-drawing copper. Meanwhile, the double-deck layout cleverly explains the young blood runs in cocktails and the serenity flows in whisky.



The ground floor, where the bartender performs, is the main court of WOOD. Being carefully spotlighted, the bar counter not only draws the most attention, also does it serve as the backdrop of all the exciting activities. The free spirit of cocktail calls for improvisation of bartenders.

▼一楼是酒吧的主场,the ground floor is the main court of WOOD

▼吧台,bar counter

▼拉丝铜酒柜一路延伸至7.5米高的屋顶,the wire-drawing copper liquor cabinet extends 7.5m height from bottom to top

▼就座区域,seating area


From concrete ground to wooden boards and the amber handrails, your steps are led to the more private second floor. Rococo patterns delicately decorate the royal-blue ceiling. Customized sofa, teapoy, ottoman in floral design, and cute wine cabinet chorus the classical atmosphere. The atrium allows you to escape from the crowd on the ground floor and overlook the cocktail show in cozy solitude. Slowly lift your sight line and let the rusty silver liquor cabinet unfold itself before your eyes, with hazy reflections and mysterious glamour. The random layout of sofa and teapoy at the corridor echoes the free vibe from the ground floor.

▼沿着琥珀色的楼梯扶手转向更为私密的二楼,from concrete ground to wooden boards and the amber handrails, the steps are led to the more private second floor

▼皇室蓝的天花板屋顶上是精心排布的欧式花纹,与定制的沙发和茶几营造出古典气氛,Rococo patterns delicately decorate the royal-blue ceiling, chorusing the classical atmosphere together with the customized sofa and teapoy


Owner of WOOD, Jason, who also enjoys reputation as a professional bartender, showed his great satisfaction with the design. Jason highly appreciates the consideration of the designers which spontaneously gives both great appearance and full function to the bar. Per YUDESIGNS, the core of this project is to create a space for night activities yet feasible enough to shift between different functions. YUDESIGNS paid special attention to the establishment of echoes between senses. Highlights as such can be found at the design of doors and restrooms.

▼中庭可以俯瞰一楼吧台,the atrium allows to overlook the cocktail show in cozy solitude


Facing Xueyuan Road, WOOD does not stand out much in terms of art and commerce.  However, thanks to the sensitivity of the designers, WOOD offers not only easy access to be found, but also quick paths to get away from reality. YUDESIGNS created a “Prep-Zone” by setting the main space backwards. At night, liveliness of the bar comes out from the windows and catch attentions of the passersby. With this zone, one can come out, take a cigarette or make a phone call but still get connected to the vibe. It is also worth mentioning how the wooden doorknob offers a gentle and warm touch in the cold winter time.

▼二层就座区,seating area on the upper floor


Another highlight of design can be found at the restroom. The artistic glass door subtly hints the location and reserves the privacy at the same time. Even a tipsy guest can easily find his way to it. The claret wall differentiates itself from the main space and clearly shows the change of function. Hidden doors are adapted for both male and female to maintain the unity of public area. The interior design  contributes to both the mystique of the bar and the consistency of space.


Designed by: YUDesigns Hangzhou
Words Credit: Kan JIANG, Yao MA
Photography credit: Yujie LIU
Category: Bar
Completion Date: June, 2017
Area: 130㎡
Location: Hangzhou, PRC.

More:余论设计,更多关于他们:YUDesigns on gooood

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