A space to encounter friends in the mountains and rivers

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“Shabby, disorderly and lifeless is my first impression of this private house. The natural landscape around attracts me. The architecture integrated into nature has both boundaries and no boundaries with nature. “——Designer’s initial impression on Architecture


The interior of the house is old and messy, without life’s vitality. Time seems to be stagnating in the house. The house is separated from the outside world. When we remould and design it, we want to give it fresh vitality and retain its original lingering charm.

▼项目外观,external view of the building ©wen studio


White walls and black tiles, traditional Suzhou style buildings, and the village’s unified facade limit the transformation of the facade, which not only conforms to the present, but also does not violate the regulations. This is the beginning of a proposition.

aerial view of the project with traditional Suzhou building styles ©wen studio


When night fell, it became a bright pearl standing in the mountain forest. Under the blue night, the light source from the window makes the house a lighthouse in the mountain, quiet and safe. White walls and black tiles are symmetrical of the mean, so you don’t need to wear heavy make-up. The setting sun and the crowing of birds are its dressing case . The pool in front of the gate and the Pine Greeting Guests epitomize the beautiful scenery of this area. Everything is small and time flies. The mountain is tall and the water is rippling . The house surrounded by mountains and rivers, in the quiet place, has its own lively. Time used to be slow , and the house, hidden in the embrace of nature, also kept a slow rhythm at present. The surrounding landscape makes the window a canvas.

French windows let in surrounding landscapes ©wen studio


From early morning to midnight, the natural landscape of the four seasons tells the subtle changes of time. The view is full of picturesque scenery. The boundary between indoor and outdoor becomes transparent . The distance between nature and human is infinitely closed by a window.

the distance between people and nature is shortened by the window ©wen studio


Collect the whole mountain scenery into the house. The mountain forest is the wall, and the lake is the mirror platform. Although in the small space, the heart is also in the heaven and earth. Sitting under the bright window, drinking a cup of coffee and tasting a piece of sweet macaroon, the holiday really has a sense of ceremony. Inside and outside a window, the times are quite different. Sitting in the concise American cafe and looking out the window at the old and mottled Soviet style triangle top, the villagers get up in the morning, work, come and go, it’s really an adventure.

▼一楼餐饮区域,透过窗户可以欣赏传统苏州乡村生活,dining area on the first floor, people could enjoy the daily life of traditional Suzhou village through the windows ©wen studio


For food, people want it to be delicious and clean. In a logical cafe, people to people exchanges and people to food encounters have become romantic. Bobcats and puppies past by the window, which is the little surprise in the cafe from time to time.

▼一楼吧台区域,bar area on the first floor ©wen studio


The corridor and stairs have the elegant texture of rice paper. White and beige interweave halo dye, let the stair with the change of light and shadow pan out ambiguous dark lines. The pure corridor seems to have the rhythm of water waves, just like an interlude in a song. All introverted and silent are only released for the second floor’s surprise.

▼楼梯区,下方设置如同历史遗址一般的小景观,staircase with small landscape installation underneath ©wen studio

staircase in white and cream colors ©wen studio


This narrow window reminds people of traditional Chinese painting for no reason. The scenery of mountains and rivers shows “flaws ” here. As long as you stand on tiptoe and look out, the spring light can fill your sight.

▼二楼公共区域,长窄窗形成山水画一般的框景,public area on the second floor with ribbon window framing the landscape outside ©wen studio


The huge french sash make the space on the second floor open. The sun sprinkles unreservedly in the bosom, even if is the wind and rain sound, also became the harmonious symphony. Holding a book sitting here, or drowsy, or clear mind, have their own small really lucky.

dining area on the second floor with large window bringing in sunlight and natural scenery ©wen studio


Simple black and white, in ceramics and marble under the soft luster also shows the pulse warmth. The sea is vast and can accommodate all things. Like this round table, it can gather friends from all over the world . No matter old friends or strangers, they get together to eat the most original mountain food. Pure taste, but also let people forget the estrangement and unfamiliar, encounter friends between mountains and rivers .

▼设计细部,details ©wen studio

exploded axonometric ©DABIN SPACE

▼场地平面图,site plan ©DABIN SPACE

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©DABIN SPACE

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©DABIN SPACE

▼剖面图,sections ©DABIN SPACE

项目名称:WONDERLAND 忘了咖啡
主创设计师:肖剑 Shaw
助理设计师:江佳文 Vane

摄影版权:wen studio

Project Name: WONDERLAND
Contact e-mail: 50858966@qq.com
Design Time: 2018/12
Complete Time: 2019/10
Chief Designer: Shaw
Designer :Vane

Project Location: suzhou,shushan
Gross Built Area: four hundred square
Photo Credits: wen studio
Materials: stainless steel ,art paint ,latex paint

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