O2 Buyer store Guiyang, China by TO INTERIOR DESIGN

The tonality of hardness and softness

Project Specs


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“Properly designed, without losing sight of each other, the space presents a rigid and soft tone. Rarely interesting in its order, poetic in reason. ”

▼店铺空间概览,store overview © 贺川

近几年,多元化的时尚店铺逐渐被带入城市文化之中,这些融入个人趣味的买手店结合了设计、艺术等复合型消费模式为顾客选购个性化时装的同时,更像是一座城市的立体杂志。O2买手店位于贵阳市商业街区,于闹市之中,取一方天地。品牌创立于2017年,是一家专注于时尚女装零售品牌集合买手店。店内包含了 Angelchen、Romanchic、CHRISOU BY DAN 等国内外原创时尚品牌。

In recent years, diversified fashion stores have gradually been brought into the urban culture. These buyer shops that integrate personal taste combine design, art and other complex consumption patterns to purchase personalized fashion for customers.  Founded in 2017, O2 is a collection shop specializing in fashion women’s retail brands. The store contains original domestic and foreign fashion brands such as Angelchen, Romanchic, CHRISOU BY DAN.

▼店铺外观,appearance of the project © 贺川

▼入口空间,entrance area © 贺川


▼店铺空间轴测图 axonometric drawing © 观至设计

“When fashion is gradually being commercialized, the value of clothing is not just its surface form. The real fashion comes from personality, creativity and exploration.” The designer combines this concept and concept, and after repeated debugging, reshapes the rhythm of space. While maintaining the continuity of spatial movement lines. The ingenuity and intent in the slightest place, waiting for the detailed inquiry of passing by.

▼个性化的展示空间,stylish display space © 贺川


The designer creates the scene of the space, and the different materials present their unique poetry in the building. The metallic feel of brushed stainless steel extends from the outdoor wall into the interior, contrasting with the rough wall surface of the original street, creating a “micro expression” in the plain.The spherical stainless steel mirror device brings a touch of clarity to the matte space. The visual sense of order is broken, adding infinite vitality to the space.

the sculptural spiral staircase leads to the second floor © 贺川

▼阶梯细节,staircase details © 贺川


Twisted light and lax sunlight in the room. Invisible light and tangible light shuttle between buildings in different ways, leaving their own narrative language on the surface of the building or inside. The purple linear light outlines the relationship between the space wall and the ground.The aggregation of light and light outlines the shadow changes in space and activates subtle emotions between people and space. The designer maintains a “picking” attitude and makes a “prediction” of the future business model of the space, while maintaining functionality while maintaining a “new” style. The combination of endless product and display coordination makes the space modern and keeps the avant-garde and cutting-edge.

twisted light and lax sunlight in the roomw © 贺川

the purple linear light outlines the relationship
between the space wall and the ground © 贺川

▼ 平面图,plan © 观至设计

项目名称:O2 买手店
主要材料:艺术漆 不锈钢 艺术树脂
项目摄影: 贺川

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