Wineshop Clad with 2100 Engraved Oak Panels by AAAN

Continuous cabinets create an integrated space.

Project Specs


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总部于鹿特丹的 AAAN 工作室在这个项目中将建筑与葡萄酒结合在一起,为“Wijn aan de Kade”红酒商店设计了新的室内空间。项目位于鹿特丹市中心 Admiraliteitskade 大道旁的一栋 1896 年建成的宏伟古建筑中。四层的红酒商店内部充满橡木板制作的功能性内饰,设计师将这个场地打造成为一处狭长、现代而温暖空间。

Rotterdam based Studio AAAN has had the fortune to combine architecture and wine in their design for the new wineshop ‘Wijn aan de Kade’. It is located in a 1896 monumental premises along the Admiraliteitskade in the centre of Rotterdam. The four storey shop has been transformed into a long, modern and warmly finished space clad with laser engraved oak panels.

▼红酒商店外观,the appearance of the wineshop

▼改造后的室内空间,the interior after renovation

空间两侧是两个大型连续的壁柜,中间设有壁龛、橱柜和必要的设施。红酒就存放在两侧开放的壁龛里,激光雕刻的橡木板上展示了超过 300 种不同葡萄酒品牌。仓储、洗手间、办公室等服务空间都隐藏在墙体后面,整个室内形成了清晰、流畅的空间感受。两侧的壁柜使用了橡木面板,上面雕刻着世界各地知名的红酒酒庄。葡萄酒展示墙上开放的壁龛部分可以将 17 世纪建筑原始的砖砌墙面展示在客人面前,这是隶属荷兰东印度公司 VOC 造船厂的古老建筑。

The continuous space is flanked by two cabinet walls with niches, cupboards and amenities. Wine boxes are stored inside the cabinets, large cutouts function as displays for over 300 different bottles of wine. Service areas like storage, toilets and an office are concealed behind the wall. The result is a clear and spacious shop with a strong focus on the wines. The cabinets are clad with oak panels which are engraved with labels of famous and desirable wine houses. The rear walls of the wine display cutouts show the original brickwork from the foundation of the 17th century VOC shipyard (Dutch East India Company).

▼空间两侧连续的大型壁柜,continuous space is flanked by two cabinet walls

▼壁龛中陈列着红酒,wine displayed in niches

200 平方米的店铺由四层组成:地下室、底层、夹层和一层。除了主要的零售空间,商店中还设有小酒吧、厨房、品尝区和地窖。地窖中的照明比较暗,与其它层次明亮、宽敞的空间相对比,创造了趣味性的室内体验。从外射入的天光巧妙地平衡了入口和夹层空间之间的关系。

The 200 square meter shop, consists of four levels; a basement, ground floor, mezzanine and first floor. In addition to the main retail space, the shop features a small bar, a kitchen, a tasting area and a cellar. The lowly lit wine cellar has an intriguing atmosphere while the other floors are bright and generous. Careful integration of daylight from above balances the perception of the entrance and the mezzanine in the back.

▼地窖空间,interior of the cellar


All furniture is custom designed. In the cellar two long black cabinets filled with fine gravel contain luxurious wines. A large cabinet with integrated cash register is placed on the ground floor. A small bar is placed on the mezzanine to accommodate small tastings. The first floor is used as the main tasting area for larger groups and contains educative tables with maps of wine regions engraved in the tabletops.

▼一楼用于教学的和团体品尝的空间,the first floor hosts educational and tasting area

▼一楼用于教学的和团体品尝的空间,the first floor hosts educational and tasting area

▼整体性的空间,the space is integrated by the continuous oak panel


▼空间中的细节,detail in the space




▼细节,detial of the cabinet walls

Client: Bruderer Property b.v. / Abbema Wines
Architect: AAAN
Contractor: Woodwave
Lasercutting: NOV’82
Photography: Sebastian van Damme Adriaan van der Ploeg

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