Wildcat’s Forest, China by ATDESIGN

A new home for wild cats

Project Specs


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In a villa on the outskirts of Shanghai, there is a group of “wild children” who were adopted and treated by a loving person, Yang Jiehua. There are 21 stray cats in Yang Jiehua’s home, which can help more cats to make her happy, but there are also many troubles. Twenty-one cats and Yang Jiehua were mixed together, making the indoor environment and air quality poor. “There are many cats in the house, and the cat is more sensitive and more likely to get sick.” Yang Jiehua said. The designer hopes to provide cats with a comfortable and comfortable space for growth through design and transformation.



With the theme of “Wild Cat Forest”, the designer puts a vertical climbing frame in the space, a rotating staircase, and connects the wooden boards around the wall to allow the cat to run and move in different spaces. Taking full advantage of the multi-dimensional function of space, with white and wood color as an embellishment, the whole space becomes bright and bright. A cabin is placed on the climbing frame, which combines with the cloud decoration to create a sky. The sun shines from the skylight, bringing warmth and love to the cats. Wrap the beige hemp rope in the column, which can give the cat a paw, satisfying the cat’s daily habits and full of experience.

▼以“野猫的森林”为主题,the theme of “Wild Cat Forest”

▼纵向的攀爬架,布上旋转的楼梯板,a vertical climbing frame in the space with a spiral staircase

▼21只猫的天堂,21 cats in Yang Jiehua’s home

▼充分利用了空间的多维度功能,taking full advantage of the multi-dimensional function of space

▼白色和原木色的经典搭配,white and wood color


The designer specially designed the hole on the door, which not only ventilated and breathable, but also added space for fun. The Ou Song board with excellent mechanical structure and strength is also selected, which is characterized by environmental protection, moisture resistance, fire prevention and deformation. On the ground, the floor paint is replaced by a multi-layer rubber sheet. The floor paint is easy to be dirty and easy to produce scratches, while the multi-layer rubber sheet is free from fumigation. The load-bearing height is higher than that of the sawdust, and the surface is relatively smooth and polished. The environment is more coordinated. The card seat not only can sit on the person, but also adds storage, for the cat to rest and other functions in one. The card holder can be moved freely. When facing outward, the cat can drill into it to rest. When facing inward, it can be used to store cat food, cat litter and other cat supplies.

▼俯视攀爬架,top view of the climbing structure

▼云朵装饰结合创造出了一片天空,阳光从天窗中洒下来,the cloud decoration and the skylight

▼欧松板兼具环保、防潮、防火、不易变形等特点,Ou Song board is characterized by environmental protection, moisture resistance, fire prevention and deformation.

▼攀爬架上的猫屋,a cabin on the climbing frame

▼卡座不仅能够坐人,还可以储物以及供猫咪休息,the card seat for both the owner and cats


▼平面图,floor plan

To make the space more comfortable, the designer has also renewed the terrace. It is covered with white sandstone, not only for the sake of beauty, but also can filter rainwater in rainy days, which is both beautiful and practical. Put on the green plant and plant the cat’s favorite catnip, ready to use. The original ordinary balcony turned into a small, leisurely courtyard, and the cat was able to stay indoors and walk outside to play. Looking at the cute little animals quickly adapted to the environment, looking for their own rest, all the hard work and sweat became more worthwhile. Whether it is a person or a small animal, you need a comfortable living environment, and every change is to make your life better.

▼隔离区,quarantined areas

▼猫咪的阳台,balcony for cats


Project Name:Wildcat’s Forest
Design Group:Shenmo Zhangjianyong Cuixuewei
Project Scale:15㎡
Construction Team:Yifutechnology Decoration
Project:Dragon Tv《Yixizhidi》Episode 6

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