House in Inchigeelagh by Markus Schietsch Architekten

Perfect fusion of two highly recognizable modules

Project Specs


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Picture an Irish country house nestled in the gently rolling hills of the County Cork. The client, a neurologist and psychiatrist, wanted to extend the house to include new living quarters and a master bedroom. In addition to the spatial extension, the new master bedroom is designed both to rest elevated on the neighboring hillside to get the best view of the wild-romantic Irish landscape, as well as to embed the house even stronger into the surrounding area.

▼屋子周围环境的野性之美,the wild beauty of the house’s surroundings


The new extension now connects directly to the existing building and stretches to the northerly hillside. At the foot of the small hill the house is bent vertically upwards. The new space uses the shape of the existing building as a springboard and develops it further into an expressive sculpture. This evolution results in intriguing spatial situations and relationships: The alternating legibility between classic house and expressive sculpture results in a harmonic yet iconographic building ensemble. The new relationships between the surrounding landscape and the generous flowing space enrich the living experience and contrast with the existing cottage.

▼古典风格的现有房屋,the existing building in classic style

▼形似一尊雕塑的新建部分,the new section is like a sculpture


In the interior the distinctive bend of the existing cottage roof is mirrored in a new undulating spatial layer. The curved stair elements connect the living area on the ground floor with the elevated master bedroom up on the hillside. Underneath partially sunken into the earth the bathroom is designed as a ‘color-space’ contrasting the green of the Irish landscape. A generous opening connects the existing house and the new extension.

▼新建部分与现有房屋的连接之处,where the new section connects to the existing house

▼从室外看向通透开阔的新起居室,view to new living area from the outside

▼弧形楼梯将一楼的起居室与楼上的主卧相连,the curved stair connect the living area on the ground floor with the elevated master bedroom

▼书房,the study

▼从书房看向起居室,view to the living area from the study


The house is constructed as a timber structure. Reminiscent of boat building techniques, a wooden rib-structure was erected onto which multiple layers of plywood were applied. In order to emphasize the sculptural quality the timber structure was covered with a
slate grey liquid plastic coating. In the interior, the materiality is consciously reduced as to experience the changeable light atmospheres on the white curved surfaces and the delicate line composition of the house.

▼主卧天花板的独特曲线,the unique curve of the bedroom ceiling

▼大量白色曲面与光影营造出体验感极佳的居住空间,a large number of white curved surfaces and light create a wonderful living space with a sense of experience

▼楼梯细部,details of the stair



architect: Markus Schietsch Architekten GmbH, Zürich
construction management: Kevin Gartland Architects, Cork
structural engineer: Fourem Consulting Engineers, Cork
technical services: Sean O‘Leary, Ballingeary

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