Water Woods by NEXT architects & H+N+S landscape architects

A poetic, mysterious forest of steel pipes

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项目坐落于Brienenoord岛的西南端,由NEXT architects事务所与H+N+S landscape architects事务所联合设计,项目旨在为人们提供一个独特的场所来体验河流与城市、人与自然之间的关系。在岛上可以看到城市的天际线、标志性的布里诺德大桥以及河面上来来往往的船只,场地周边自然景观极佳。在这里,“水之林”(Water Woods)被设计成一个钢管森林,为人们提供了一个可以俯瞰Maas河全景的视角。这片神秘又诗意的“钢管森林”的设计灵感来自港口与业主Van Oord公司多姿多彩的商业活动,同时也来自Brienenoord岛茂密的树林。

On the southwestern tip of the Brienenoord Island, NEXT and H+N+S designed a unique place to experience the relationship between river and city, between people and nature. The island offers views on both the city skyline and the iconic Brienenoord bridge, where ships pass by daily and nature flourishes. Here, ‘Water Woud’ (Water Woods) is designed as a forest of steel pipes that forms a viewpoint over the Maas River. A poetic, mysterious structure, referring to both the harbour and Van Oord’s activities, but also to the wooded Van Brienenoord island.

▼项目概览,overall view of the project © Jeroen Verrecht

Maas河是鹿特丹最重要的城市景观空间之一,它将城市与港口、海洋、欧洲和世界其他地方连接起来,同时也形成了鹿特丹南北之间的联系,并划分了城市区域。这条河和它的滨水地带拥有无限的潜力,为城市提供了吸引人的公共空间,成为市民的日常休闲场所。通过柔化河岸边缘,Maas河的自然价值大大提升,码头转化为亲水的自然堤防,滨水地带则转化为潮汐公园。为了鼓励这种改变,总部位于鹿特丹的国际海上承包商Van Oord公司向这座城市赠送了一份礼物,以纪念城市的生命线 —— Maas河,并邀请人们来到这里,欣赏与发现它的美好品质。

The Maas is Rotterdam’s most important urban space. It connects the city with the port, the sea, Europe and the rest of the World. It forms a connection between North and South, and it divides the city districts. The river and its waterfront hold so much potential as an attractive public space, a place for people to enjoy. Its natural value can greatly improve by changing hard edges like quays into soft natural embankments and by doing so introducing tidal parks along the Maas. To encourage this change, the Rotterdam-based, international offshore contractor company Van Oord presents to the city a gift to honors the river as the city’s lifeline and invites people to get in touch with the river and appreciate its many qualities.

▼一侧是宽敞的河道与来来往往的船只,On one side is a wide river with boats coming and going © Jeroen Verrecht

▼另一侧是神奇的水生动植物世界,On the other side is the amazing world of aquatic animals and plants © Jeroen Verrecht


‘Water Woods’ functions as a double look-out. On one side you can climb up to watch the vessels pass by and enjoy the panoramic view. On the other side you descend into the wondrous world of specific water flora and fauna. Here you experience the tidal flows and discover unique delta species, like the characteristic spin-dotter flower and sweet water mussels, that use the structure as habitat. Up in the pipes, birds and bats nest and breed.

▼项目入口,entrance of the project © Jeroen Verrecht

▼神秘又诗意的钢管森林,poetic, mysterious forest of steel pipes © Jeroen Verrecht

▼悬挑在河面上的观景台,viewing platform cantilevered over the river © Jeroen Verrecht



“水之林”于2018年11月正式落成,并作为礼物赠送给了鹿特丹副市长Bert Wijbenga,以庆祝Van Oord成立150周年。这个礼物标志着Maas河畔一系列观景点(Maaspoints)规划的开始。人们将在这里与河流深度接触,见证潮汐的力量,聆听水的声音,感受自然的气息,体会自然的价值。Van Oord创造的“水之林”是不仅是Maas河畔首个观景台,同时也为未来的一系列景观小品规划奠定了基础。这些景观小品将各具特色,同时也与“水之林”息息相关。

Water Woods was officially presented in November 2018 and given to the deputy mayor Bert Wijbenga as a present to all the citizens of Rotterdam to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of Van Oord. The ‘Water Woods’ gift marks the beginning of a series of so called ‘Maaspoints’ where people can get in contact with the Maas, experience the tides, the power of the water, and its sounds, smells and natural values. With the ‘Water Woods’, Van Oord creates the first Maaspoint. Other Maaspoints have been identified along the river intended to be interventions like the ‘Water Woods’ – related, but each unique.

▼项目为市民提供了观景休闲的公共空间,The project provides a public space for viewing and leisure © Jeroen Verrecht

▼台阶细部,detail of the steps © Jeroen Verrecht

▼钢管结构与平台细部,Steel tube structure and platform details © Jeroen Verrecht

▼底部是旋点花和淡水贻贝的栖息地,The bottom is home to convolvula and freshwater mussels © Jeroen Verrecht

▼上部是鸟类与蝙蝠的栖息地,The upper part is a habitat for birds and bats © Jeroen Verrecht

Maaspoints – powered by Van Oord – Marine ingenuity
Design: NEXT architects / H+N+S landscape architects
Design logo: Rietveld communication
Animation: studio Tungsten
TYPE / PROGRAM:Landmark, lookout point
LOCATION:Rotterdam / NL
CLIENT:Van Oord – Marine Ingenuity
SIZE:150 m2 (footprint) / 8 m (heigth)
COSTS:€ 500.000
FINAL DESIGN: March 2019
START BUILDING: September 2019
COMPLETION: December 2019
DESIGN:NEXT architects
TEAM:Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers with Jorn Kooijstra, Bastiaan Luik
IN COLLABORATION WITH:H+N+S Landscape Architects
Artwork: NEXT architects and H+N+S landscape architects
Design logo: Rietveld communication
Animation: studio Tungsten

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