Wang House, China by Yuan Xiuwan Architect&Associates

The curved layout with various functions tight the spaces as the strings on a bow and arrow

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Located in the countryside of Shanghai, the old houses are basically built in the 1980s. Here comes Wang House since the original building is dilapidated, and need to be rebuilt. We designed the main building as a two-and-a half-story slope crest structure based on local land regulation and the original house size. The first floor should be controlled at 98 square meters, and the auxiliary building is flat-roofed structure with one floorr, 40 square meters.

▼住宅外观,exterior view © 吕晓斌


There are about 20 families living in the village. Their houses are lying on both sides of the country road. The houses on the south side face wide-spread farms and green houses, the houses on the north side are backed by a small river and a forest trail. A bridge links the country road and forest trail. WangHouse is over against the bridge.

▼住宅周边环境,the surroundings © 吕晓斌

▼基地北面正对着桥,the house is over against the bridge to the north © 吕晓斌


▼鸟瞰:“弓”字形的平面,aerial view, the plan in “弓” shape © 吕晓斌

Curvedly, we introduce the strip functional zones into the trapezoidal land as a Chinese character shape “弓”. In this way, we enclose a U-shaped courtyard faces the open rurality. From east to west along the “弓” shape, on the first floor, we successively layout living room, dining room, kitchen, stairs to the second floor, the incurved gallery, and the bedroom for the old at the end of the gallery; on the second floor, there is a master bedroom, bathroom, the stairs leading to the third floor, viewing studio, the stairs to the first floor, bathroom, and the bedroom (studio also), which can reach to the loft on the third floor by outer stairs. From west to east, we arrange the bedroom (studio also), bathroom, gallery, the stairs to the second floor, and bedroom at the southeast corner. Standing at the center of the third floor, you can see the bridge, forest trail, rurality to the north. To the south, you can overlook the distant villages.

▼住宅近景,a close view to the house © 吕晓斌

▼转角窗,the corner window © 吕晓斌

▼从外部望向起居空间,view towards the living space from outside © 吕晓斌

▼住宅立面细节,facade detailed view © 吕晓斌


The curved layout with various functions tight the spaces as the strings on a bow and arrow. The scenery outside the window produces dynamic changes on this “trembling bowstring”. Living here, you will own desire to act. Living here, the space has vitality. Living here, you will have abundant life trace with hopes.

▼户外平台,outdoor terrace © 吕晓斌

▼弯曲的功能布置,the curved layout © 吕晓斌

▼天井,atrium © 吕晓斌


The circular skylights with different sizes on the top can not only show you the blue, but also close the distance with the universe, seeming to live above the starry sky.

▼屋顶局部,view to the roof © 吕晓斌

▼圆形天窗,the circular skylights © 吕晓斌

▼天窗夜间外观,the skylights by night © 吕晓斌

▼总平面图&一层平面图,site plan & first floor plan © 元秀万建筑事务所

▼二层平面图&阁楼平面图,second floor plan &  attic floor plan © 元秀万建筑事务所

▼剖面图,section © 元秀万建筑事务所

设计时间: 2016-2017

Location: Shanghai
Building area: 240 square meters
Architectural Design: Yuan Xiuwan Architect&Associates
Interior Design: Yuan Xiuwan Architect&Associates
Design Team: Yuan Xiuwan, Zou He, Jin Kuanyong,
Song Shanshan (Structure Design)
Design time: 2016-2017
Construction period: 2017-2020

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