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“Sugar, when eaten, increases insulin rapidly and tryptophan levels in the blood increase, which is converted into serotonin when it enters cells. So sugar is sweet.”



The first definition of WAGASHI’s shop is to make “sweet things that bring happiness”. Conceptual description of commercial space is “gift”. It can be a surprise to open the box, or a layer of cream under the cake. It is also an interesting moment happening in the space.

▼门店外观,exterior view of the store ©上海或者设计


▼空间爆炸轴测图,exploded axon ©上海或者设计

With the design language in the space, it represents the definition of food sense in an abstract way: the perception of “pleasant surprise” in the whole space through the difference in material. So we boldly carried out an interesting experiment, stainless steel and cement texture paint have different texture, but similar color; bright yellow paint and texture paint have similar texture but different color. The dramatic collision of this material created the wonderful connection and collocation in the space, and changed the stereotype of traditional dining space.

▼二层空间概览,通过材料上的差异来表现整个空间内“惊喜”的感知,overview of space on the 2nd floor, the perception of “pleasant surprise” in the whole space is achieved through the difference in material ©上海或者设计

▼二层空间,不锈钢与水泥肌理漆的质感不同,色感却类似,second floor, stainless steel and cement texture paint have different textures, but similar color ©上海或者设计


▼墙面上正在掉落的logo,the logo falling on the wall ©上海或者设计

The tone of the whole space is the same as the trend of the brand itself. We describe a funny and relaxed story through gray-yellow comparison, the intersection of lines and blocks, the exploration and expression of geometric shapes, including the logo falling on the wall, which is ” in-jokes” we buried in it. It not only increases the space, but also the sense of hierarchy enriches the visual experience with the change of people’s perspective. We adopt a large number of arch elements, which make the flowing space full of uncertainty, and the connection with different materials constitutes the logic of the whole space.

▼二层空间,天花板采用拱形元素,墙面上正在掉落的logo增加了空间的层次感,second floor, the ceiling adopts a large number of arch elements, and the logo falling on the wall increases the space ©上海或者设计

▼用餐空间细节,details of the dining space ©上海或者设计

▼“流淌的楼梯”像是涂抹在蛋糕上的黄油芝士,一层一层地蔓延下来,”flowing stairs” are like butter cheese on a cake, spreading down layer by layer ©上海或者设计

▼空间细节,space details ©上海或者设计

▼材料细节,material details ©上海或者设计

▼平面图,plans ©上海或者设计

▼场景剖面图,section with scenes ©上海或者设计

设计事务所:上海或者设计/OR DESIGN
项目团队:巫国源 唐子雯 回凌凯 占锦明
图文撰写:黄玮 王朦

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