Vipp Farmhouse by Vipp + Julie Cloos Mølsgaard

Hotel that gives you a taste of authentic farm life

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Vipp Farmhouse is nestled in a forest on the 1400 acres estate of Søllestedgaard situated on the Danish island of Lolland. The old frames of a traditional farmhouse have found new purpose as Vipp’s 4th hotel destination and add plenty of farm-life feel to its portfolio of one-room-wonders.

▼Vipp农场酒店外观,appearance of the Vipp farmhouse ©Anders Schønnemann

Whitewashed facades topped with a thatched roof equals a traditional Danish farmhouse ©Anders Schønnemann

detail of the farmhouse ©Anders Schønnemann

农舍建筑面积88平方米,包括三间卧室、一间浴室、一个组合厨房以及起居空间。受Vipp与庄园主Ulrik Th. Jørgensen委托,室内设计师Julie Cloos Mølsgaard将这座老旧的农舍华丽变身为现代化的酒店,将历史魅力与现代便利相结合,将巧妙的空间功能与充满趣味的艺术作品融于酒店之中。

3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a combined kitchen and living space make up the 88 m2 residence titled Vipp Farmhouse. Commissioned by Vipp and the estate owner Ulrik Th. Jørgensen, interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard has realised a modern farmhouse that combines historical charm with modern convenience displaying both functional finesse and curious art finds.

entrance ©Anders Schønnemann


Whitewashed facades topped with a thatched roof equals a traditional Danish farmhouse. Checking into this former gardener residence is like stepping back in time. While the architectural shell is a reminiscence from when it was built in 1775, the newly furbished interior brings us into the modern area of Scandinavian minimalism.

▼客厅,living room ©Anders Schønnemann

▼厨房区域,kitchen area ©Anders Schønnemann

detail of the kitchen area ©Anders Schønnemann

“在疫情封锁期间,我们重新发现了自然与丹麦乡村的魅力,如今,我们将这种魅力与你们分享。第四家Vipp酒店,将为人们提供一个逃离世俗,享受自然的地方,在这里,人们将体验农场生活,来上一杯现挤的新鲜牛奶。”Vipp的第二任所有者Jette Egelund说道。

“During lock-down we have rediscovered nature and the charm of the Danish countryside, and now we share it with you. Vipp’s fourth hotel destination offers a convenient escape to nature. A taste of farm life, where the cow has already been milked”. – Jette Egelund, 2nd generation Vipp owner.

viewing the bureau area and the back door ©Anders Schønnemann

bureau area ©Anders Schønnemann

The ground-floor bedrooms open directly to the back garden ©Anders Schønnemann

在Vipp农舍酒店中,自然与历史是无处不在的。酒店附近的Søllestedgaard庄园的历史可以追溯到19世纪,并且曾以“Den Grønne Verden”的名号成为丹麦最大的私人绿地。丹麦众多米其林餐厅,包括庄园内的Spiseriet餐厅都采用了庄园自产的新鲜蔬菜。

While nature is omni-present at Vipp Farmhouse, so is history. The neighbouring estate Søllestedgaard houses a manor dating back to 1800 and boasts the largest private greenery in Denmark under the name ‘Den Grønne Verden’. Freshly picked produce are consumed by guests at Danish Michelin restaurants and at the estate restaurant Spiseriet.

The bedroom on the upper floor ©Anders Schønnemann

Scandinavian minimalism style ©Anders Schønnemann

detail of the bedroom ©Anders Schønnemann

viewing the bedroom from the other bedroom ©Anders Schønnemann

bathroom ©Anders Schønnemann

detail of the bathroom ©Anders Schønnemann

“曾经的老马厩如今已经改造成餐厅与商店,Vipp农舍的客人可以在这里购买或品尝附近农庄自产的250种新鲜蔬菜。”庄园主Ulrik Th. Jørgensen说道。对于那些喜爱自炊的人士来说,Vipp农舍更是一个理想之地,厨房里的应季蔬菜应有尽有,欢迎来到这个由Vipp打造的带有历史气息的画布上添加浓墨重彩的一笔!

“Our old horse stable is now transformed into a restaurant and shop where Vipp Farmhouse guests can buy or taste our variety of 250 greens cultivated on the fields next door,” says Ulrik Th. Jørgensen. And if you prefer to cook yourself, seasonal picks are waiting to be cooked in the Vipp kitchen at the farmhouse. Welcome to this historical canvas fully furnished by Vipp.

Renovated stables and surrounding historic buildings ©Anders Schønnemann

▼周边环境鸟瞰,aerial view of the environment ©Anders Schønnemann

Vipp Farmhouse
Vipp Farmhouse Søllestedgårdvej 8 DK – 4920 Søllested
Opening July 2021 – Book at
Project by Vipp
Photos : Anders Schønnemann
Interior design : Julie Cloos Mølsgaard
Art pieces borrowed from Galleri Christoffer Egelund
Beds : Dux

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