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As land price become higher and higher and most of the beautiful beachfront plots are taken. Newly built beach resorts are more likely to be place on a linear land with just one narrow side open to the beachfront. Our challenge in designing resorts these days are more likely to be how are we going to create a memorable beach holiday experience while waterfront access are limited.

▼鸟瞰图,bird’s eye view


从场地的地势高差来看,海滩的高度比道路低得多。因此,大堂比落客区整整低一层,客人需要从入口通过向下的台阶到达大堂。餐厅也位于大堂的同一层。倒影水池呼应了后面的大海。护堤上种满了牵牛花和当地一种叫作“Ipomoea pes caprae”的植物,将室外用餐区包围在其中。

Located on Jomtien beach, further away from chaotic central Pattaya. However like others newly operate resorts; the site of Veranda Pattaya is a linear shape land with one end connected to the ocean.

According to the site topography where the beach is much lower that the road. Lobby area is sunken down one level from the drop off. Entering the hotel lobby by walking down the entrance staircase, reflecting pond is place echoing the sea from behind. Dining area is also located on the same level with the lobby. Berms covered with the native plant ‘Ipomoea pes-caprae’ or common morning glories are used to create a green surrounded dining area.

▼倒影水池,reflecting pond

▼被绿色包围的室外用餐区,a green surrounded dining area


The swimming pool are place in the beachfront area. ‘V’ is for Veranda, V shape Jacuzzi are integrated within the pool with a matching V shape sun bed. Two pools separated by shallow area with ice cream stick-shape stepping-stones that leads to the open seafront. Pavilions penetrates from the berm through the walkway into the pool on both side also serves as pool access.

▼游泳池区域,the swimming pool area

▼V形按摩池和日光浴平台,V shape Jacuzzi and sun bed

▼亭子作为泳池入口,pavilions as pool access

▼亭子连接护堤和游泳池,pavilions penetrates from the berm into the pool

▼雪糕棒形状踏步石,ice cream stick-shape stepping-stones


Sundeck facing directly to the sea are covered with grasses and gravel to decrease impermeable area. Tsunami wall are created as a transitions between level of the swimming pool and bar lounge below, the cascaded wall created an ambient of white noise as calm as the sound of morning waves hitting the shoreline. Which later become one of the famous feature of Veranda Pattaya.

▼防护墙营造出一种宁静氛围,the cascaded wall created a calm ambient

▼坡道细部,ramp details


Protecting the site from erosions instead of building the solid sea wall against the waves. After studying the shape the waves. Resulting a curved seawall that helps rolling back the waves to the ocean.

▼海堤,sea wall

▼面向大海的金色露台,sundeck facing directly to the sea


On the rooftop over looking to the sea. Our main concept of sea journeys reflects on a pier-like design with a gimmick of lighthouse serve as a lamp on each sunken seat and the foldable shelter as a sail. A main feature of cantilevered deck penetrates to the thin line between the open water and the wide sky.

▼悬挑的露台,cantilevered deck

▼海上之旅,sea journey


▼露台平面图,plan of the deck


▼屋顶露台剖面图,section of the rooftop deck

Project Name : Veranda Pattaya
Completion Date : 2016
Location : Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand
Area : Landscape area 11,080 sqm.
Client : Veranda Resort and Spa Co. Ltd.
Design Company : TROP : terrains + open space
Project Director : Pok Kobkongsanti
Project Designer : Paisit Viratigul
Rahut Lertsopaporn
Architect : OBA The Office Of Bangkok Architects
Interior Designer : August Design
Photographer : Pirak Anurakyawachon

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