Vancouver Teahouse by Kengo Kuma & Associates

A new world in the corner of a roof garden.

Project Specs


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The teahouse is located in a roof garden in Vancouver. Its roof is supported by four slender steel columns. The 10-square meter room is enclosed by glass and flexible partitions instead of solid walls.

▼茶室外观,位于屋顶花园之中,external view of the teahouse in the roof garden

▼茶室不设实墙,由玻璃和隔断围合,the teahouse is enclosed by glass and flexible partitions

▼从茶室可以欣赏远处的优美景色,enjoy the pleasant view in the distance from the teahouse


The floor continues out forming outdoor corridor around the room, out of which is a tea garden. Wandering in the garden on the stone slabs, it takes people to a haven from the outside world.

▼茶室外设有庭院,创造出不同的空间氛围,garden outside the teahouse creates different ambience


Removing the tatami in the middle of the teahouse, people could open the floor slab and put in their feet to seat around the table, organizing a meeting or other events.

▼室内空间,interior of the teahouse

▼总平面图,site plan


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