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What kind of space is our favorite? It should be healthy, and inspiring people to have the vision and enjoyment to life from the deep of their heart. It has to be simple, comfortable, warm and romantic.The project is located in Nanjing Hexi LEJI square , adjacent to Golden Eagle world, which is a busy and prosperous location.We start to guide and hint people from the facade of building, to express the core value of brand through building. We hope it is “bright”.Therefore, we decide to cover this shop, which is beneath glass windows, with PC sun sheets. Due to the features of those half-transparent sheets, in the day time, we have sun light penetrate into the shop; meanwhile, the shop itself emit light and shadow to attract passers-by. To facade of shop, it is an amazing hint to “give out” the area of entrance and makeup, that means invitation, consciousness, coincidence, a chance meeting, episode, interactivity and light.

▼建筑外观,以阳光PC板包裹的商铺,exterior view, shop covered with PC sun sheets


As for interior space, we separate the space into several parts base on the service processes. Antechamber is free and open, which is different from private room area. And examination area is the central part of whole space, we use gold, silver and mirror reflection to build up an attractive part. We reject dull examination experience, we hope the customers here are open their mind and accept themselves.


▼自由开放的休息区域&洽谈区,free and open rest area & negotiation area

▼休息区细部,rest area details

▼金、银色钢柱与镜面反光结构打造的检测区外立面,examination area facade made by gold, silver and mirror reflection


From my viewpoint, modern female is independence, strong, elegant and stylish. We hope space is like human being. We make it interesting when transiting the spaces, we pick up simple and unified material, we use mostly white and grey color, partly use pink. We also put green plants into the space to make the space more fine and delicated.

▼交通空间,circulation space


▼美肤室内部卫生间,bathroom of SPA


When light and shadow reflects into the space, we tend to cut the space into few parts to build up a neat and clean space. We use strong, cool line and box structure on the upper part of space. From the visual senses, it embodies unique simplicity and fashion to express a kind of rational gentleness and strength.


▼轴测图,axonometric drawing



项目名称:V’amis LIFESTYLE 科技美学中心
Project Name:V’amis LIFESTYLE
Design Company:TURING DESIGN
Project Location:Nanjing,China
Project Area:300 square meters
Chef Interior Designers:LEAFIT
Design Development:li Qian
Major Material: Sunshine plate、Steel、Grey paint、Terrazzo

More:TURING DESIGN 。更多关于他们: TURING DESIGN on gooood

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