V&A Dundee by Kengo Kuma and Associates

A review to V&A Dundee by Kengo Kuma and Associates

Project Specs

感谢 摄影师 Ste Murray 对gooood的分享。
Appreciation towards Ste Murray for providing the following description:

V&A Dundee博物馆是苏格兰的第一座设计博物馆,由隈研吾建筑都市设计事务所设计,此前我们已经对该项目进行过完整报道(点击这里查看V&A Dundee博物馆项目完整内容)。
本文展示的是 摄影师Ste Murray 对gooood分享的一系列V&A Dundee博物馆的新照片,相信能够帮助我们从更多角度来观察和理解这一非凡的项目。

▼V&A Dundee博物馆外观,exterior view


“The uniqueness of this project for us is in the position between the water and the city – it is very different from a normal site as it sits in between land and water. As we started thinking about the project one of my colleagues showed me a picture of the cliffs of north-eastern Scotland – it’s as if the earth and water had a long conversation and finally created this stunning shape. The design of V&A Dundee attempts to translate this geographical uniqueness into the building by creating an artificial cliff.”
— Kengo Kuma


“The form of the museum is inspired by the cliffs on Scotland’s north-eastern coastline, with the cladding – dramatic lines of pre-cast concrete that run horizontally around the curving concrete walls – creating patterns of shadows which change with the weather and the time of day.”


“Visitors enter V&A Dundee through a large and beautiful main hall, a light-filled space intended by the architect to be welcoming and accessible, a vibrant place to socialise with a café, shop and other visitor facilities. The stepped interior walls are lined with hanging oak-veneered panels, pierced throughout by slot windows which create a dynamic, warm and playful light, as well as views out to the river. ”


The restaurant with spectacular views through floor-to-ceiling windows and from its outdoor terrace over RRS Discovery and the River Tay.

“除了550平米的苏格兰设计画廊,V&A Dundee博物馆还有着苏格兰最大的博物馆标准的临时展览空间,面积达1100平米。上层还有一整套学习空间,旨在提供一个多元化的方案,能让所有人都来参与到设计中。”

“V&A Dundee has the largest museum-standard temporary exhibition space in Scotland, at 1,100 square metres, in addition to the Scottish Design Galleries at 550 square metres. Also on the upper floor is a suite of learning spaces, designed to provide a diverse programme for all to participate in design creativity.”

▼细节,detailed views


“A ‘prow’ leans over the water and recalls the shipbuilding heritage of the city.”

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