Updated Interior Of A Loft Office In An Old Veal Market by LAB5 architects

The generous open loft office and the transparent division structure

Project Specs


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WING Zrt.公司是匈牙利一家业界领先的房地产开发商,他们的办公总部位于Máriássy之家内,这里曾是一个古老的小牛肉产品市场大厅。原建筑建于1927年,后来也经历了几次功能空间的改造,甚至还作为汽车维修车库使用了一段时间。最后,这个市场大厅的内部被不同的租户随意划分,空间混乱,外墙也变得破烂不堪。2004年,匈牙利的一家房地产开发商WING收购了这座建筑,希望将其打造为他们的新办公总部。建筑空间的更新改造由Ferenc Schüller完成,他们利用市场本身的复式空间,打造出了这个宽敞的开放式办公室。

WING Zrt. is the leader real estate developer in Hungary, their headquarters occupy the “Máriássy House”, an old market hall for veal products. The original building was built in 1927, later changed its function several times, even functioned as a car maintenance garage for a while. In the end it was split up between different tenants with chaotic interior look and run-down facades. WING is the leading real-estate developer of Hungary, who bought the building in 2004 to occupy as their new head-quarters. The design of the refurbishment was done by Ferenc Schüller, who created the generous open office space taking advantage of its loft style.

▼宽敞的开放式复式办公空间,the generous open loft office

2018年,建筑事务所LAB5 architects接手了这个办公空间的室内设计。在过去的几年内,人们对办公室样子的期望发生了很大的变化,同时,人们的工作方式也经历了一次小小的变革。公共区域的重要性变高了,开放空间的布局划分变得至关重要,并且出现了共享的工作空间和休息空间。因此,建筑师们必须更新室内的空间布局,以适应这些新的空间元素,同时增加工位的数量,此外,还要保证工作空间的灵活性。

LAB5 architects was requested to design an update of the interior in 2018. During the last years not only our expectations towards the look of offices changed a lot, but also the way we work has undergone a minor revolution. The importance of common areas emerged high, division of the open space layouts become vital, and functions as co-working and lounge appeared. We had to update the layout to include these new elements, while also rising the number of workstations, and respecting our expectations of today’s flexibility in workspaces.

▼办公空间室内,可放置植物的分隔结构紧贴走廊竖向贯穿两层空间,the interior office, the system of thin hollow section structure with plants penetrates in-between the ground floor and upper level in the tight corridor-cut


During all interventions on the former market hall interior we were aiming to keep the eye-appealing open loft space of the office. The new divisions are made see-through, just a system of thin hollow section structure, serving some new goals. Earlier the plants of the interior were placed in different manners around random places, so this structure became a guideline and supporter for them. This new contemporary system of grids penetrates in-between the ground floor and upper level in the tight corridor-cut, so as a new vertical accent grabs the attention and lifts our eyes to emphasis the beauty of the old structure of the hall, and the two become one integer effect of the space.

▼办公空间室内局部,使用通透的框架架构进行空间的分隔,partial interior view of the office, using the system of thin hollow section structure to divide different spaces

▼办公空间室内局部,新的分隔结构组织室内的绿植,partial interior view of the office, the structure becomes a guideline and supporter for interior plants


We fine-tuned the colour scheme of the entire interior. Upgrading many of the surfaces in different pales of cold greys, the existing and to-be-kept claret-red ceiling became again a trendy colour of the interior. By using these almost white surfaces the whole space feels even more generous, and clear.

▼室内空间局部,采用一系列冷灰色的饰面,partial interior view with many surfaces in different pales of cold greys

▼室内空间局部,酒红色天花板重新成为室内色彩的亮点,partial interior view, claret-red ceiling becomes again a trendy colour of the interior


We grouped the desks in a way that we can add some extra space for the extra functions for meetings and waiting or lounge areas. The large meeting area at the main entrance was provided with glazed walls on two sides. We removed some division walls of smaller premises on the upper level of the front building, in order to provide a generous open space for the office kitchenette. The canteen became a community zone, appropriate for different use with its different seated areas.

▼宽敞的开放式茶歇空间,the generous open space for the office kitchenette

▼室内空间局部,partial interior view

▼室内空间局部,一侧采用玻璃隔墙,partial interior view with the glass wall

Location: Máriássy House, 1095 Budapest, Máriássy utca 7.
Client: WING Zrt.
Designers (2018 up-date): LAB5 architects | Linda Erdélyi, András Dobos, Balázs Korényi, Virág Anna Gáspár, Rebeka Sipos, Annamária Tóth
Designers of earlier refurbishment (2004): Leading designer: Schüller és tsa Kft; leading architect: Ferenc Schüller, colleagues: Judit Déry, Tamás Hoffman, Balázs Kovács | General architect: Aspectus Architect Zrt, architectural designer: Tamás Billig, architectural collegue: István Hönich
Designer of original building (1927): József Riva

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