University Hospital Jena,Germany by Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

Ecological health care

Project Specs


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▼医院前广场,front square of hospital © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

The new affiliated University Hospital Jena is located in East Saal, about 5 kilometers south of the city of Jena, and covers an area of ​​about 14.8 hectares. The site has a pronounced southwest slope with a height difference of about 25 meters. According to the open space planning plan, we have designed nature protection and internal transportation of the site. The plan meets German environmental construction regulations (GOP, FNP, B-Plan) and achieves sustainable site development.

▼广场局部鸟瞰,partial bird-view © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects


医院前广场| Front square of hospital


▼无障碍化景观,barrier-free landscape © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

The green space along the street serves as the transition between the vehicle stop and the main entrance of the hospital, completing the transportation connection between the hospital space and the surrounding urban space. In view of the particularity of the hospital, barrier-free design is one of our priorities. The widened sidewalk deliberately increased the friction coefficient of the paving to ensure the safety of wheelchair users on rainy days.

▼广场临街面,perspective of the square facing the street © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

▼景观设施简单且耐用,simple and durable landscape facilities © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

▼舒适的休闲环境,comfortable leisure environment © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

▼水带上的多重过道, channels on the water © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

▼自行车停放区域,bicycle parking area © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects


雨水管理| Rainwater management


To solve this problem, we use two rainwater recovery and evaporation schemes. The rainwater storage tank on the north side of the site can receive the runoff from the garden and slope. During the precipitation period, the rainwater in the pond can be used for irrigation, and the rainwater can be recycled.

▼雨水滞留池,rainwater retention pond © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

▼去除大颗粒悬浮物及泥沙的雨水,rainwater removes large particles of suspended solids and sediment © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects


Roof green relieve effectively the pressure of rainwater runoff from the site. The water strip in the front square collects the rainwater from the building’s roof and air-conditioning condensate, and is connected to the rainwater storage pond in the garden area, they integrate into a fully functional rainwater management system.

▼屋顶绿化,green roof © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects


生态补偿与平衡 | Ecological compensation and balance


▼草坡疗养区,health meadow © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

The expansion of the hospital building has caused interference and damage to nature, and it is very important to implement ecological balance compensation in the slope land and the woodland. According to the ecological value calculation rules, the ecological rehabilitation was restored and replanted. The barrier-free walking path leads users into nature.

▼穿行于自然之间,walking within the nature © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

▼山坡上的城堡遗迹,castle on the hillside © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

▼总平面图,site plan © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

▼剖面,section © Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

Area: 14.8 ha
Budget: 4,900,000 EUR
Completion: 2017
Client: Universitätsklinikum Jena
Cooperation: Wörner und Partner Architekten
Leader designer & Team: J. Bräunlein; H. Kunath; D.Rehndanz

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