Uniuni Coffee, China by dongqi Architects

Floating stages for coffee tasting

Project Specs


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Uniuni Coffee has opened their new shop in Nanjing designed by dongqi Architects. Uniuni team earns high reputation in WBC(World Barista Championship) and has been dedicating to coffee retailing and coffee culture preaching.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


▼室内概览,interior overview

On the basis of understanding the key spirit of Uniuni culture, dongqi team develops the idea of “stage and back-stage”. The curved bar counters are set like the stages ,by the side of which the baristas brew the coffee while the customers watch the process of making from every corner of the space just like the audience. Therefore, the boundary between stage and back-stage is blurred. Different functions are mixed and reorganized. The experience of buying, tasting and making can take place simultaneously in any of the four counters of the space.

▼四个弧形吧台散布在空间之中,the curved bar counters are set like the stages


▼竖向的不锈钢管与喷涂成红色的横向钢管在离地三米的高度铰接,the vertical steel tubes are connected two by two by hinging with the red horizontal steel tubes at a 3-meter height above the ground


The bar tables are hung over to the ceiling by using stainless steel tubes, connecting each other by hinge joints. The vertical steel tubes are connected two by two by hinging with horizontal steel tubes at a 3-meter height above the ground. The horizontal steel tubes, sprayed red and fitted with spot lights, help to integrate and stabilize the whole structure. The shelves are also hung over by steel tubes. The facilities, machines and fridges are all hung to the table top by using L-shaped steel bars. Water supplies down from the ceiling and drains up by using pumps through steel tubes. Everything is hung to the ceiling even including power strips. The exposed pipes,wires and equipments enhance the experience of the “back-stage” concept.

▼吧台细部,counter detailed view



The spray rinsers, the knock boxes and the cup dispensers are customized, welded and polished to join with the stainless steel table top as a whole. The glass cup covers are designed to be slightly embedded in the selves. The sides of the bar tables are 45°tilted inwards in order to be perceived light and floated. Translucent polycarbonate sheets are used as the front side material of storage shelves, sealed the edges by the slotted plywood shelves and the stainless steel sheets. The hinge joint steel pieces are welded to the table from below in order to hide the weld seam.

▼台面凹槽细部,table top detail

▼铰接结构细部,joint detailed view


Curved steel sheets and clear glass are the main elements of the façade. Red LED lights permeate from gradient patterns of the steel sheets, casting fading away shadows on the white steel panels and the top. The narrow red steel frame outlines the main entrance door, echoing the elegant, exquisite while moderate attitude of design and the brand spirit.

▼弧形钢板立面,facade built with curved steel sheets



▼吧台轴测,bar counter axon

▼结构细部,structure detail

Uniuni 项目介绍
Architect Firm: dongqi Architects
Project name: uniuni
Design team : JIANG Nan, Yiting Ma
Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Design: Feb, 2018
项目面积: 70平方米
Built area(m2) : 70sqm
Completion: May, 2017
Photographer: Raitt Liu

More: 栋栖。更多关于他们:dongqi Architects on gooood

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