UNIT.City 1st stage by Landscape Architecture KOTSIUBA

Rejuvenation of former industrial campus

Project Specs


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什么是 UNIT.City?|What is UNIT.City?


UNIT.City is the first Ukrainian innovation park and one of the largest innovation centers in East-Central Europe. It was founded in 2016 on the former industrial zone of Kyiv Motorcycle Factory. Since the Factory closed in the 2000’s, the site was abandoned.

▼乌克兰第一个创新园区UNIT.City概览,view of the first Ukrainian innovation park UNIT.City

▼UNIT.City内部包括咖啡厅、健身房、办公楼、活动厅和UNIT.Factory,UNIT.City includes cafe. fitness, offices,  event hall and UNIT.Factory


实施阶段|Implementation stages

项目构想是创建创新园区,振兴土地面积24公顷。UNIT.City的建设是整个项目的第一步。现在我们正在进行第二阶段 – 活动广场,商业校园和住房。

Big project idea is the creation of Innovation Park and global revitalization of site’s 24 hectares. Сonstruction of UNIT.City was the first step of the whole project. Now we are working on the the second stage — Event Plaza with business campuses and housing.

▼UNIT 咖啡厅,UNIT Cafe


UNIT.City 用户|UNIT.City users 


Main users of the space are young IT-specialists and inventors, who work on startups or study here. There are incubator for startups and UNIT.Factory. Enrollment to UNIT.Factory takes place according to the system of the French school `42`, meaning there are no formal exams or professors. Education is based on students initiative. After three years of study or even while studying, a young specialist will be able to work in IT offices that will be located on the site.

▼用于IT教育的UNIT. Factory,UNIT.Factory for IT education

▼用户在园区中学习,交流,users can study and communicate in the UNIT.City


项目解决方案UNIT.City|Project solutions UNIT.City

我们的目标是创造一个让每个人都感到受欢迎的空间,在社交氛围中激发自我发展和自我提升。规划结构将不同的架构结合到统一的图像中。这个空间的核心是一个正方形。 在这里,带有绿色土墩的长椅充当周围建筑的聚集点。我们在学校,咖啡厅和办公中心附近的露天设计了独立的工作和社交空间。特别注重细节:独立设计的栏杆,内置灯,垃圾箱和长凳。

▼规划结构将不同的架构结合到统一的图像中,planning structure combines different architecture into the unified image

Our goal was to create a space where everyone feels welcome, that provokes self-development and self-improvement in a social atmosphere.
Planning structure combines different architecture into the unified image. At the core of the space is a square. Here, benches with green mounds act as a gathering point for the surrounding buildings. We allocated separate areas for working and socializing in the open air near the school, the cafe and the office center. There are also green spaces in the area for physical activities.  Special attention is paid to details: individually designed railings with built-in light, litter bins and benches.

▼带有绿色土墩的长椅充当周围建筑的聚集点,benches with green mounds act as a gathering point for the surrounding buildings

▼景观设计营造让人受欢迎的空间,the landscape design creates a space where everyone feels welcome

▼设计注重内部细节,special attention is paid to details


这个空间现在如何生活?|How does the space live now?


UNIT.City is actively used under completely different scenarios. Since 2017 UNIT.City organized more than 400 events: lectures, networkings, exhibitions, etc. The public space is full of life from morning until night. Residents work and relax in the open air at daytime, and gather on the square in the evening to play guitar and hang out.

▼公共空间从早到晚都充满了生机,the public space is full of life from morning until night

▼UNIT.City夜景,night view of UNIT.City


▼总平面,site plan

项目名: UNIT.City. 第一阶段
办公室名称: 景观建筑工作室 KOTSIUBA
合作: 建筑局 GA
在项目中的角色: 景观建筑
网站: https://kotsiuba.com/en/project/unit-city-innovation-park
项目地点 (城市,国家): 基辅, 乌克兰
客户: UDP
设计年: 2016
建成年份: 2017
尺寸: 1,3 公顷
图片: Ivan Avdeenko
Project name: UNIT.City.1st stage
Landscape architecture: KOTSIUBA
Website: https://kotsiuba.com/en/project/unit-city-innovation-park
Contact e-mail: m.andriienko@kotsiuba.com
Design year:2016
Year Built:2017
Leader designer & Team
Leader designer — Maksym Kotsiuba Team: Maksym Kotsiuba, Vlodco Zotov, Mariia Andriienko, Marianna Kryvoruchko, Tavifa Ponomarenko, Sergii Rogovskii
Project location (Street, City, Country): Dorogozhitskaya street 3, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03150
Size: 1,3 ha
Photo credits: Ivan Avdeenko
Cooperation: Bureau of initiative architecture GA
Client: UDP
Brands used in the project:
Lighting ROSA https://www.rosa.pl
Benches http://s3t.com.ua/
Plants https://evasad.com/

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