111 West 57th St by SHoP Architects

To contribute meaningfully and elegantly to the shared skyline of New York

Project Specs

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作为SHoP建筑事务所即将封顶的第一个超高建筑,它坐落于纽约中央公园南侧中心位置(位于西57街111号),其总高度为1,428英尺 (435米),是纽约市最高的建筑之一。作为一个新世代的地标建筑,它有责任为纽约共享的天际线贡献出独特且优雅的新元素。我们通过精心塑造此超高建筑的轮廓,并开发全新的方法来使用曼哈顿摩天大楼黄金时代的真实材料:Terra-cotta (赤土陶器),来实现美化天际线的这个目标。

With a total height of 1,428 feet, the residential tower at 111 West 57th Street is among the tallest buildings in New York City. As a prominent new local and regional landmark, it bears a special responsibility to contribute meaningfully and elegantly to the shared skyline. We achieved that goal by carefully shaping the tower’s profile, and by developing an innovative approach to using an authentic material from the golden age of the Manhattan skyscraper: terra-cotta.

▼西57街111号是纽约市最高的建筑之一,the residential tower at 111 West 57th Street is among the tallest buildings in New York City ©SHoP Architects

此超高的建筑形态是在满足曼哈顿中城区划要求可行规范内,进行的最大胆尝试。在建筑体量本身与天空曝光平面接触的位置,发生了多次强制性的建筑退缩,从而形成羽毛般的形态(而不是阶梯状的轮廓)。这些建筑退缩也结合在东立面和西立面整体上升形态的赤土陶器设计中,从东西立面底部延伸到里面的顶点。在没有模仿历史先例的情况下,这种方法统一了W57的传统经典塔楼设计,例如One Wall Street,30 Rockefeller Center或Empire State Building。

▼设计思路,design concept ©SHoP Architects

The tower’s form is a bold interpretation of what is possible within the requirements of the Midtown Manhattan zoning envelope. Mandated setbacks were multiplied where the building form contacts the sky-exposure plane, resulting in a feathered rather than a stepped profile. The setbacks serve as sites for a finial at the top of each column of the terra-cotta ornament that rises on the east and west facades. Without mimicking historic precedent, this approach unifies the massing of 111 West 57th Street in the tradition of classic towers such as One Wall Street, 30 Rockefeller Center, or the Empire State Building.

▼曼哈顿中城区的新地标,a prominent new landmark in Midtown Manhattan ©SHoP Architects

▼羽毛般的立面形态,a feathered profile ©SHoP Architects


Terra-cotta is one of the most beautiful and adaptable materials available to architects today. For 111 West 57th Street, blocks of sequentially varying profiles were modeled, extruded, glazed, and then stacked into an involuted pattern, like a softly breaking wave, that appears at once novel and familiar. Staggering those elements across the facade creates a distinctive moiré that changes dramatically when seen in different lights or from various distances.

▼立面细部,facade detail ©SHoP Architects

▼施工过程,construction process ©SHoP Architects

▼Terra-cotta元素的交错使用形成了一种独特的莫尔条纹, staggering Terra-cotta elements across the facade creates a distinctive moiré ©Xu Zhang

▼公园视角,view from the adjacent park ©SHoP Architects

▼室内视角,interior view ©SHoP Architects

▼入口立面,entrance facade ©SHoP Architects

▼整体效果,rendering ©SHoP Architects

文本: 张旭(SHoP建筑事务所)
Text: Xu Zhang (SHoP Architects)

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