“Ueno Eyewear” Sunglass Shop by Office coastline

A dynamic space.

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards Office coastline for providing the following description:


Located on the first floor of shopping mall, “ueno eyewear” is an optical and sunglass shop in Shanghai. The site faces on two inner corridors, we widely open the entrance on the corner to draw passengers inside. Instead of static elevation, curved surfaces were oriented towards the existing column, converge the perspective and create a fluid circulation.

▼商店外观, “ueno eyewear” exterior view


At the front, aluminum surface, solid quartz tables and original neon lighting receive people with reflective environment. In contrast, curved timber wall and velvet curtain form the warm backdrop.

▼大面积采用哑光铝板,large area of aluminum surface


The round column was installed with 6 full-lengh mirrors to reflect scenes like kaleidoscope. The mirror devise visually connects space to space and distribute multiple perception. People select eyewear, see themselves in the mirror, walk around columns, and shopping continues.

▼六面全身镜像万花筒般反射着周边的景象, 6 full-lengh mirrors reflects scenes like kaleidoscope



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