U House, Osaka by rivvon inc.

a movable wall designed for the future growth of the family

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本案对一栋有47 年历史的老式七层公寓进行了更新。住宅大小约75平方米,现为一对情侣使用。设计师考虑到他们未来的家庭生活,在客厅尽头设置了可以满足需求的“机关”。

The subject unit is a 47-year-old SRC, 7-story vintage condominium. The size of the room is about 75 square meters.It is a house for a couple, and we designed it with the future growth of the family in mind. And we set up a mechanism at the end of the living room to match that.

▼室内概览,overview © Yosuke Ohtake


A movable wall can be moved to create one more room. When not in use, it becomes a wall pattern and a storage door. When the storage section of the wall is transformed into a room, a desk can be set up there to become a study desk with bookshelves.

▼客厅,the living room © Yosuke Ohtake

▼从客厅望向餐厨空间,view of the open dining space from the living room © Yosuke Ohtake

▼可打开的墙壁,the movable wall © Yosuke Ohtake

▼墙壁后的房间,the extra room © Yosuke Ohtake


Within the limited space, we had to use our own design approach to determine what was really needed for the space, and design for the present and the future, based on the existing value and appeal of the existing materials, location, and environment, and the inevitability and appropriateness of the “purpose” of the residential space.

▼开放厨房与餐厅,the open kitchen and dining space © Yosuke Ohtake

▼厨房操作区,the cooking area © Yosuke Ohtake

▼餐桌,the dining table © Yosuke Ohtake

公寓大楼为典型的钢结构 SRC 公寓,可满足内部空间完全更新的需求。设计的潜力在于与时俱进,不断适应环境与新技术,满足住户的不同生活方式。

This property is an SRC condominium with a typical Ramen structure, and that lends itself to a construction project that will renew everything. Fitting in with the times, the changing surroundings, the changing technology, and the different lifestyles of the residents is possible through the design.

▼卧室,bedroom © Yosuke Ohtake

设计师结合新建筑材料,为室内加入丰富元素,并布置了一系列古董家具和艺术品。墙上醒目的装饰画来自于艺术家Ryu Mieno。

We create spaces that combine new building materials, other solid materials, and assets such as vintage furniture and art pieces. The iconic art on the wall is by Ryu Mieno

▼细部,details © Yosuke Ohtake

▼平面图,plan © rivvon inc. 

Design: rivvon inc.
Location: Japan
Type: Architecture
Materials: Wood Coating Sisal Carpet Metal Fabric
Tags: Osaka Small and Delicate Residence Interior Design
Category: Residential Apartment Residential interior design Residential Architecture
Project Name: U House
Location: Osaka Japan
Building programs: Residential Apartment Interior
Floor area: 75m²
Structure: SRC
Construction period: Dec 2018 – Feb 2019
Content: Renovation
Design and supervision: rivvon inc.
Planner: Akihiro Murayama
Construction: Onishigumi
Furniture Production: +veve coda
Photos: Yosuke Ohtake

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