‘U’ Coppu’ by Studio DiDeA and Dario De Benedictis

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‘U’ Coppu’ 的店名来源于意大利盛放街头小吃的纸质容器coppu,是一家专门贩卖西西里街头油炸小吃的小食店。


‘U’ Coppu’ is a deli shop for fried food, designed with the aim to bring indoors Sicilian street food.

The project maintains unaltered the original vaulted spaces, where the new functions are hosted: seating area, the kitchen and the laboratory. The counter evokes a typical street food’s counter. It is made by simple material such as larch, glass and a iron framework, from which light bulbs hang, illuminating the whole space. The seating area is separated from the kitchen by a glazed wall that allows customers to see food preparation, that is served in coppu, the typical street food paper cone. The floor is made by natural larch strip planking, which continues up the walls and ends in shelves. A resin band on the floor emphasizes the entry inviting to step into place, and the iron framework acts as graphic character of the whole project.


01UCoppu_Studio DiDeA     07b

▽ 柜台,休息区和厨房,counter,seating area and kitchen

08UCoppu_Studio DiDeA

▽ 松木、玻璃和钢架组合而成的柜台,counter made by larch, glass and iron framework

03UCoppu_Studio DiDeA

05UCoppu_Studio DiDeA     06UCoppu_Studio DiDeA

07UCoppu_Studio DiDeA     09UCoppu_Studio DiDeA

▽ 墙上的图形符号和玻璃窗后的厨房,graphic character on the wall and the kitchen behind it

03bUCoppu_Studio DiDeA

▽ 从厨房透过玻璃窗看向外部,view from the kitchen through the glazed wall

11UCoppu_Studio DiDeA

▽ 入口处地面材质的变化,resin band on the floor at the entrance

02UCoppu_Studio DiDeA     12UCoppu_Studio DiDeA

Design: Studio DiDeA in collaboration with arch. Dario De Benedictis
Type : take away deli shop
Place: Favignana (TP)
Year: 2015

Drawings: Studio DiDeA
English Text: Studio DiDeA
Chinese Text: gooood

MORE: Studio DiDeA,更多关于他们:Studio DiDeA on gooood

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