Tsingpu Tulou Retreat by TAO (Trace Architecture Office)

Immerse in culture and history in Fujian

Project Specs


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The Tsingpu Tulou Retreat is set in the UNESCO-listed area of Fujian Province in south-eastern China and comprises five classical tulou structures—centuries-old earthen buildings unique to this mountainous area of the country. Incredibly, three of these buildings were constructed during the latter part of the Qing dynasty.


▼传统的土楼建筑与自然环境融为一体,the Tsingpu Tulou Retreat comprises five classical tulou structures that integrated well with the natural landscape


Architect Hua Li, of TAO, emphasizes the essential meaning of place by presenting an exterior that seems untouched by time, retaining ancient rammed-earth and wooden-architecture style, as well as featuring artistic decorations from the region. Within the buildings, the principle elements of green slate, warm wood, and Chinese fir unite, while columns and beams from ancient neighboring structures were incorporated into the renovation, highlighting traditional craftsmanship. The in-room furniture by FNJI incorporates this tradition into a new design language that supports daily life of contemporary China.

▼以夯土墙和木结构为主的风格被保留下来,ancient rammed-earth and wooden-architecture style was retained to emphasize the essential meaning of place


▼首层公共空间,public area on the ground floor


▼古典样式的柱梁与现代空间结合在一起,columns and beams from ancient neighboring structures were incorporated into the renovation


▼室内细部,detailed views


The public areas of the 22-room, two-suite Tsingpu Tulou Retreat present welcoming open spaces that connect an interior courtyard in each of the tulou buildings, including a restaurant showcasing Hakka food, exhibition halls, handicraft workshops, a cooking studio, a yoga studio, and a children’s playground. Guest immerse in customs with on-property citrus tea-making and Zhangzhou porcelain pottery, as well as exploring the surrounding hills in search of harvesting the local delicacy of fresh bamboo shoots.

▼庭院的户外休息区,outdoor seating area

▼景观化的铺路,the landscaped paving

▼从房间望向内部庭院,the inner yard view from the guest room


To enter Tsingpu Tulou Retreat is to step into an environment designed to celebrate the traditional yet showcase the inspirational. Stays at Tsingpu Tulou Retreats has all-inclusive meal and drinks, including local beer. Meals utilize fresh, organic ingredients in seasonal menus offering authentic tastes of Fujian by local chefs. Owner Wang Gongquan has been outspoken for his fellow citizens as well as a driving force in business, conceiving initiatives in hospitality, finance, and beyond that he celebrates traditional Chinese culture and brings experiences and hospitality to the next level.


▼茶室,tea room


Tsingpu Tulou Retreat is located in Taxia Village, close to the town of Nanjing in Fujian Province, Xiamen. Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN) has direct flights from China and overseas hubs and Nanjing station is the closest high-speed train station.

▼庭院夜景,courtyard night view

设计单位:迹• 建筑事务所(TAO)
建筑面积:3913.74 平方米
Credits and Data
Project title: Tsingpu Tulou Retreat
Client: Beijing Origin Inn Group
Location: Fujian, Nanjing
Program: Hotel
Architect: HUA Li / TAO (Trace Architecture Office)
Design team: HUA Li, Zheng Jingwei, Zhang Feng, Lai Erxun, Jin Longqiang, Rocco, Liu Wenjuan, Shi Ailun, Duan Qi.
Floor area: 3913.74 sq. m.
Structural system: Timber/Steel/Reinforce concrete Structure
Design: 2015

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