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This cat café locates in the famous Tianzifang commercial area in Shanghai, it’s only has a narrow door connects with the street, main using space are located on the second and third floor. It’s not a typical commercial space design, it’s a renovation project of the old housing. Cats are the main users of the whole space every day. To provide a comfortable and playable space for cats and provide a chilling space for customers are the design target.



▼剖轴测图,isometric section

The original second and third floor is a simple space with really rough wall which is not a nice living space for cats. During the design process, four ladders are added in to the space to provide a new way for cats to climb from the second floor to the third floor. In the later process, one of the ladders for feeding is cancelled in case the space is too full. On the wall, a lot of cat houses and ladders are settled for cats to play around. The original window is also changed to a cat house shape, the decoration lights are also cat shape in order to keep the overall image of cat houses. European ash is used as the main material inside the whole space.

▼夜景效果图,night view 墙面上由猫窝和爬架构成的猫咪嬉戏场地 cat houses and ladders for cat playing on the wall


Housing shape is also used on the original wall façade, it’s also a way to distinguish from the other shops on the street to make sure that this cat café could be noticed though it does not have a show window. The original steep staircase is also redesigned to make sure that it’s safe for all the customers. Hand sanitizer and flip flop are served at the entrance to ensure that all the bacterial is killed before entering the space to protect all the kitties. Wall paper are designed for customers to take selfies.

▼屋形门头和入口走廊,gable entrance and entry corridor


The hole on the third floor become the most favorite space for the cats. Cats always love to play around these three holes. Cats climbing the ladders also become an interesting scene in the café.

▼二层爬架,ladder in the second floor


The staircase for customers become a playground for cats without doubt. Lighting on the wall are cat house shaped and also the original square window is changed to the house shape to create a harmony atmosphere.

▼二层至三层楼梯,staircase leading to the third floor



Fixed resting area on the third floor is designed in order to provide a more comfortable area for customers. At the same time, round holes between the resting seats are designed to ensure that cats can jump through.Because the connection ladders create three large holes on the ground of third floor which might put customers lives at risk. So we designed hanging cat houses in the air to remind customers there is something below and also to protect them from stepping into the hole.

▼三层休息区,resting area on the third floor

▼固定座位区,fixed seating area

▼座位之间设置圆形洞口,保证主子们的来去自如,round holes between the resting seats are designed to ensure that cats can jump through


Houseshaped cat housing and ladders are connected so that cats could discover and play by themselves. The shadow of the ladders and houses are also a special place for cats.

▼墙上的嬉戏区,playing area on the wall


小结 | Conclusion


This design started from the cats, to provide a comfortable playground for cats. Cats are the owners of the space, and people become passers. Three huge ladders are designed for cats to climb to the third floor and suddenly show them in front of the customers. Cat houses provide kitties a safe place to stay and ladders are for them to climb and jump. Customers can enjoy the time with cats on the floor. The day would be light up after you spend some time in this cat café.

▼室内细部,interior detailed view

▼设计示意图,design diagram


摄影师:郑庆龄 张世杰
Cat Café in Tianzifang: Tristy of the CATS
Design Firm: Parallect Design
Designers: Shijie Zhang, Nan Yang, Xueqi Chen
Address: No,35.Taikang Road, Tianzifang 248 long, Shanghai
Photographer: Qingling Zheng, Shijie Zhang

More:平介设计。设计师联系邮箱:nan.yang@knowherestudio.com。更多请至:Parallect Design on gooood



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