Treetop Hotel by Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture

Experience the rich forest landscape from the top of a tree

Project Specs


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Mariager Fjord is Denmark’s longest fjord with a beautiful diverse landscape.  It winds through scenic green hills from the town of Hobro in the West to the ocean Kattegat in the East where the hotel is located. The cabins are located on a small hilltop overlooking a meadow which gives a wonderful view over the top of the forest and lets the sunshine in during the afternoon.

▼酒店木屋外观,external view of the hotel cabin ©Soeren Larsen

▼整体剖面图,木屋俯瞰草原景观,section, cabin looking over the meadow ©Sigurd Larsen

酒店客房为九间小木屋,分散在ALS ODDE半岛上的一座小森林中。森林由落叶树和针叶树构成,松软的落叶铺满地面。在这里,如果运气足够好,保持安静,人们可以看到的鹿,兔子和野鸡。

The 9 cabins are built in a small, quaint forest on the Als Odde peninsula.  The woods is a mix of deciduous and coniferous forest with soft moss covering large expanses of the forest floor.  If you are lucky, and quiet, you may well see deer, rabbits or pheasants.

▼森林景观分布,distribution of different landscapes in the forest ©Sigurd Larsen

▼木屋位于森林中部的树木上,the cabin is located on a tree in the middle of the forest ©Soeren Larsen

▼仰视木屋,树木从木屋中部穿过,look up to the cabin, the tree grows through the middle of the structure ©Soeren Larsen


Each hotel room is a cabin high up in the trees. The nine cabins can host up to four sleeping guests and encloses a tree which grows up through the middle. The access to the roof terrace gives the impression that you continue to ‘climb’ the tree to reach the canopy. In all directions scenic views of the forest are framed by panoramic windows.

▼木屋室内,树木从中间穿过,interior with a tree growing through the middle of the space ©Soeren Larsen

▼正对窗户的休息区,rest space facing the window ©Soeren Larsen

▼整面玻璃窗提供森林全景,panoramic view of the forest through large windows ©Soeren Larsen

▼屋顶平台,如同在树冠上,roof terrace as if on the top of a tree ©Soeren Larsen


An outdoor shower is mounted on the facade of the cabin to create the experience of bathing in the forest among the trees.

outdoor shower room ©Soeren Larsen

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©Sigurd Larsen

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan ©Sigurd Larsen

▼剖面图,section ©Sigurd Larsen

Location: Als Odde, Denmark
Client: Løvtag IVS
Architect: Sigurd Larsen
Contractor: BB Bygge & Entreprenørfirma
Engineer: LB Consult Rådgivende Ingeniør AS
Furniture products: Hay, Sigurd Larsen
Year of completion: 2019
Size per cabin: 31 m2 plus 20 m2 roof terrace
Total number of cabins in phase two: 9
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