TokyoTDC Selected Artworks Exhibition Space in Beijing by SpaceStation 

An “immersive” way of experiencing the exhibition space

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards SpaceStation for providing the following description:

这是一个平面设计作品展的空间设计。 平面设计作品的信息传递主要附着于视觉,每件作品被观看的时间从几秒钟到几分钟。在这段时间里,观看者会集中接收来自内容、版式、字体、颜色、图形等的强烈信息。而空间传递的信息的方式依赖尺度、路径、围合、光线、材质等要素,体验者即使闭起眼睛这些信息依然会存在,它会以不易觉察但更为“沉浸”的方式影响人的体验。这两种不同的设计与人交互的不同方式启发了这次的展览空间设计。

This is an interior project for a graphic design exhibition. Graphic design conveys its meaning via visual perception. Each piece of work is viewed for duration of a few seconds to a few minutes; the viewer will gather information intently through its format, typeface, color and shape. On the other hand, spatial perception relies on scale, cir-culation, enclosure, lighting and material. It affects the viewer’s experience in a more subtle and “immersive” way. The design concept of this exhibition space was inspired by these two different ways design interacts with people.

▼展览空间概览,exhibition space overview



We treat the whole space in two distinct parts, a DATA SPACE, filled with exhibit, and an IN-DEX SPACE, with no exhibit in. Design of the circulation path would allow the two spaces to alternate for the viewers as they go through the exhibition.

DATA SPACE is the main part of the exhibition, graphic design works are displayed in a highly condensed manner. Here the path turns into a loop, creating a strong sense of immersion among the design works, further enhanced by the lighting that surrounds them. Visual infor-mation is designed to be displayed in such an “overwhelming” way to increase the excitement, fluidity and comfort of viewing.

▼路径徜徉回环、围合感强烈、光线围绕展品布局,the path turns into a loop, creating a strong sense of immersion among the design works, further enhanced by the lighting that surrounds them

▼文献空间,the DATA SPACE


INDEX SPACE diagonally cuts through DATA SPACE. It is the only path where viewers switch between different DATA SPACES. This space is only lit indirectly by lighting coming through from the adjacent DATA SPACES. The diagonal gives a strong sense of direction, and alternating light and shadow adds rhythm to this directionality.

▼索引空间,the INDEX SPACE


Spatial experiences emerge into foreground in the INDEX SPACE. Each time they pass, view-ers have a choice to relieve temporarily the visual intensity. They could take a deep breath, sort the visual information of the exhibit into their brain before moving back to DATA SPACE, where their visual perception would be again stimulated, and the spatial perception fades into the background.

▼索引空间与文献空间之间的转换,transitional space between the INDEX SPACE and the DATA SPACE


▼平面图,floor plan

策展:巩剑、广煜、Nod Young、黄学钧
展览导视设计:A Black Cover Design

Project name: TokyoTDC Selected Artworks in Beijing, Exhibition Space
Design: SpaceStation
Contact e-mail:
Design year & Completion Year Design: May-June/2019
construction Finished: June/2019

More:空间站建筑师事务所 予gooood的分享以下内容 。更多请至:空间站建筑事务所 on gooood

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