The Wing Stairway, China by Zhang Bing & Atelier Groundwork Architecture

A Structure of Poetic Climbing

Project Specs


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▼云梯整体外观,overall view of the Wing Stairway

▼庭院视角,view from the courtyard

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view

The Wing Stairway is designed as a transportation infrastructure that improves the circulation of commercial traffic and enriches the spatial experience within the courtyard of Jiangsu Shunyu Investment Headquarters. The entrances of the Stairway guide people coming from different directions and serve as important edges of connection to surrounding buildings, which organically give rise to the unique geometric shape of the stairway and set its place on the site.

▼折线状的平面几何关系,the unique geometric shape


The vivid and dynamic Wing Stairs is both an important landscape installation and a observation deck in the courtyard. The geometric folding of the Stairway gives it a sense of flexibility and unpredictability, differentiating itself from the sharp and stiff façade of the headquarters. Views will constantly change for the visitors as they walk up the stairs, which makes climbing a most interesting and exciting experience.

▼沿云梯攀爬,walking up the stairs

▼云梯细部,detailed view


▼立面图和轴力图,elevation and internal axial force distribution diagram

The Wing Stairway is a spatial truss system consisting of a series of small plan trusses interweaving with each other in space. The rigorous layout and the accurate calculation decide the section of steel elements and ensure structural stability. With its precise form and minimalism, the Stairway puts an emphasis on the structural perception, which is the most important part of the design.

▼一系列相互交织的桁架结构,a series of small plan trusses interweave with each other in space

▼空间桁架结构带来良好的结构稳定性,the spatial truss system provides structural stability


The form of the Wing Stairway is unique due to the attentive design of loading transferring route. No vertical support is provided under the two resting platforms. Instead, a large suspension to resist both bending and torsion is realized, allowing the whole structure to climb up in mid-air defying gravity.

▼二层休息平台底部不设任何竖向支撑,no vertical support is provided under the two resting platforms

▼结构轻盈的跨越,spanning with a light structure

云梯表达了结构诗意的攀登,有双重含义: 一个是结构设计的独特追求;一个是空间攀登的诗意体验,二者通过传力路径的设计和结构构件的操控,结合空间属性得以实现。

The unique design approach of the Wing Stairway provides a poetic experience for pedestrians as they interact with its structure and geometry.

▼远观云梯,a distant view to the Wing Stairway


项目设计 & 完成年份:2018/10-2019/05
摄影: 崔旭峰
Project name: The Wing Stairway (A Structure of Poetic Climbing)
Location: Jiangsu Sunyu Headquarters, Nanjing
Gross Built Area (square meters):105㎡
Design year & Completion Yea: 2018/10-2019/05
Architect Company Name: Zhang Bing & Atelier Groundwork Architecture
Client: Jiangsu Sunyu Investment Co., Ltd.
Creative Consultant:Cai Yongjun
Lead Architects: Zhang Bing, Dai Hang
Design Team:Wang Fenglin, Wang Xinghong, Wang Xiaorong, Yu Zhenya, Yuan Aimin,Yang Chen
Awards:German Design Award 2020 Gold
Photo credits: Cui Xufeng

More: 张冰土木方建筑工作室。更多关于他们:Zhang Bing & Atelier Groundwork Architecture on gooood

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