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To live or revive the best spirit of the university age

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The Student Hotel (简称TSH)是荷兰2012年以来活跃于酒店业的一家充满活力的年轻初创企业,目前在佛罗伦萨一处景色宜人的区域开设了它在意大利的第一家酒店。TSH为意大利带来了一种新的住宿理念,一个向学生(正如其名所示)和意大利本地人、国际游客开放的混合居住模式。酒店成为全球年轻大学生聚集的场所,他们最多可以在这里待满两年,除此之外许多游客、专业人士、商人、研究人员、环球旅行者可以在这个托斯卡纳首府中待一段时间,从2个晚上到12个月不等。

The Student Hotel, the dynamic young dutch start-up active in the hospitality sector since 2012, has opened its first building in Italy in the wonderful setting of Florence. The first Italian structure of TSH brings a new concept of hotel accommodation in our country, a hybrid formula open both to students (as evidenced by the name), and to Italian and international tourists. The hotel becomes a meeting place for young university students, coming from all over the world, who can spend a maximum of two years in the structure, and the many tourists, professionals, businessman, researchers, modern globetrotters who want to spend in the Tuscan capital a period from two nights to twelve months.

▼门廊式的酒店入口,porch-style hotel entrance  © Sal Marston

TSH Firenze于2018年在城市具有商业战略意义的区域开设了第一家酒店,其位于前Palazzo del Sonno内,与Fortezza da Basso相对,并且距离Santa Maria Novella车站只有10分钟的距离。酒店拥有390间客房,57%专门供学生居住,43%供其他客人使用。这种服务目的在于营造一个年轻、充满朝气和国际化的客户群:TSH将充满吸引力的设计与高端接待服务(会议教室、礼堂、餐厅和咖啡厅、室外泳池、健身房、室内球场、屋顶酒吧)相结合。公共空间是酒店活跃的心脏,每一位客人无论是学生还是游客都会尽可能少待在自己的房间内,让自己能有更多时间在会客社交空间中学习、运动、工作、休闲和体验文化。

▼入口庭院,entrance courtyard  © Sal Marston

TSH Firenze was opened in July 2018 in a strategic area of the city: inside the former Palazzo del Sonno, opposite the Fortezza da Basso and only 10 minutes from the Santa Maria Novella station. The hotel has 390 rooms, 57% dedicated to students and 43% to other guests. The offer is aimed to a young, dynamic and cosmopolitan clientele: TSH combines an attractive design with high level receptive services (classrooms for conventions, auditoriums, restaurants and cafés, outdoor swimming pool, gym, indoor court, roof-top bar). The common spaces are the beating heart of the hotel, so that every guest, student or tourist, may feels like spending as little time as possible in his room, in order to live the meeting and social spaces, dedicated to study, sport, work, free time and culture.

▼大厅与接待台,lobby and the reception desk  © Sal Marston

The Student Hotel 没有遵循传统的住宿模式向顾客提供多样化服务,为佛罗伦萨创造了一个极为独特的事物——一个欧洲最有趣的“创意中心”( CREATIVITY HUB) 之一。内部600多平方米的Collab实现了这一目的,这是一个专门向公众开放的共享工作空间,让TSH成为思想和行业的摇篮,满足任何人寻找一个充满活力、自由、舒适工作空间的需求。“创意中心”( CREATIVITY HUB)的核心是内部庭院,这是一个向城市开放的真正的“意大利广场”,用于组织文化活动、会议和音乐会。

If the accommodation offer dedicated to guests is anything but traditional. The Student Hotel is able to offer to the city of Florence something that is quite extraordinary: that’s to say one of the most interesting CREATIVITY HUB in Europe. TSH will be a hotbed of ideas and professions, thanks to the 600 square meters of Collab, a space dedicated to coworking and open to the public, available to anyone looking for a dynamic, informal workplace with every comfort. The real heart of Creativity HUB is the internal courtyard, a real “Italian piazza”, open to the city, where to organize cultural events, conferences and music.

▼毗邻庭院阳光充足的会面区域,meeting area next to the courtyard with abundant sunlight  © Sal Marston

▼内部600多平方米的Collab是一个专门向公众开放的共享工作空间,the 600 square meters of Collab, a space dedicated to coworking and open to the public  © Sal Marston

▼酒店内提供多种学习与工作区域,the hotel offers a variety of learning and working areas  © Sal Marston


▼地下公共空间,basement common space  © Sal Marston

▼会议室,meeting area  © Sal Marston

▼健身区域,gym area  © Sal Marston

▼音乐室与洗衣房,music room and laundry room  © Sal Marston

The goal is to guarantee not only a room in the historic center of Florence, but to offer a unique experience: to live (or revive) the best spirit of the university age, to return to the informal and fun activities of that moment of life, with the possibility of meeting people from all over the world, being part of an engaging community that is generating a worldwide network of “made in TSH” guests. This spirit of freedom, creativity and meeting is what has guided the design of the interior design of the common areas on the ground floor, basement, internal courtyard and in particular on the sixth floor of the Florence hotel. The music room, the common kitchen, the swimming pool and the auditorium are just some of the spaces at guests’ disposal, designed with the aim of bringing together different cultures.

▼酒店客房,guest room  © Sal Marston

▼屋顶酒吧,roof bar  © Sal Marston

▼室外泳池,outdoor pool  © Sal Marston

▼首层平面图,ground floor

▼地下平面图,basement floor

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan

Ph. © Sal Marston

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