The Spring City 66 in Kunming, China by KPF

Highest building in Kunming, providing brand new urban living experience.

Project Specs


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KPF celebrated The Spring City 66, KPF’s first project in Kunming, opened on August 23.  

▼项目外观,external view of the project


Spring City 66 is the largest commercial complex in Kunming with total GFA 430,000 sm, divided into 160,000 sm of shopping mall, 165,000 sm of Grade A office (66 floors, 350 meters high, the highest building in Kunming), and 100,000 sm of serviced apartment.

▼鸟瞰图,项目位于昆明市中心,aerial view of the project in the city center of Kunming

▼项目是昆明最高的建筑,the project if the highest building in Kunming


▼绿色屋顶为城市增添自然感,green roof gives the city a natural feeling

▼起伏的裙房和高耸的塔楼与云南石林呼应,the podium and tower corresponded with Kunming Stone Forest

▼立面细部,facade details

The inspiration for the design of Spring City 66 comes from both the natural beauty of the province’s unique landscape and Kunming’s historical significance as a prosperous mercantile center located at the intersection of national trade routes.  At the heart of the project is a landscaped promenade, reminiscent of the region’s lush valleys, defined by an undulating podium and crag like towers, similar to the nearby Kunming Stone Forest. The three program types – retail, office, and serviced apartments – are woven together on multiple levels of terraces around the promenade.  These connective terraces are lines with shops and restaurants to create a vibrant destination whose sum is greater than the individual parts.

▼入口大厅,entrance hall


Through high quality of design, KPF continually cooperate with Hang Lung to deliver commercial project rooted in major cities in China, establishing the benchmark of the City’s high-end retail complex. Those buildings had elevated the urban experience for the local users and visitor a like.

▼夜景,night view

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