Ocuilan by PPAA

Rebirth after the quake

Project Specs


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该项目是在墨西哥州Ocuilan de Arteaga修建的震后安置房,旨在为受灾群众提供一个新的住所,恢复当地社会的正常运转。该项目是由Reconstruir México和PienZa Sostenible AC共同开发,PPAA事务所负责设计的。2019年7月11日项目完工并成功移交给住宅的主人González女士。

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view

Ocuilan is a project in which homes for the affected people in Ocuilan de Arteaga, State of Mexico after the earthquake of September 19th, 2017 were built. The aim of Ocuilan was to reassemble the social system. The project was developed with Reconstruir México and PienZa Sostenible AC. PPAA had the chance of building the home of Mrs. Martina González. The house was handed over to Mrs. González on the 11th of July 2019.


▼项目及周边环境,project and surrounding environment


▼所有门窗均为木制的,all doors and windows are of wood

▼在两个房屋主体中间构成了一个开放庭院,an open courtyard is formed between the two main houses

▼从庭院看向一侧房屋,view the house from the courtyard to one side

It was built with Eco block, produced by Échale, and it has wooden finishes.  The project is set on a space open to the natural landscape. The original idea was to allow a lineal communication with the outside view to the hill and the cliff, creating a backyard that works as the communicator between the outside views and the house. Furthermore, the project was designed to create an interaction among the two main stories of the residence, separating private and communal areas.  The first story has two rooms and a full bathroom; the second one has a smoke kitchen, a living room, and an indoor pool.

▼带有室内水池的一侧房屋,a house with an indoor pool

▼栅格窗户为室内带来良好采光,grated windows provide good light for the interior

▼室内视角,indoor view

▼选址平面,site plan


Location: Ocuilan, State of Mexico
Year: 2018
Construction: 46 m2
Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios, Miguel Vargas, Segio Delgado, Lucia García, Karla Morales
Photos: Rafael Gamo

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