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The City of London’s largest roof top public space. A garden for everyone high above the roofs of London, THE GARDEN AT 120 is a prominent part on top of the office development “120 Fenchurch Avenue”. At the same time it is the City of London’s largest roof top public space. The garden is free for members of the public to visit, with no booking required. It offers an exclusive retreat and an exceptional open space for the local office workers, Londoners and visitors alike.

▼这个屋顶花园,是一个人们无论从内部还是从周围更高的建筑物中都能观赏感受到的都市绿洲,the roof garden is an urban oasis to be appreciated both from within as well as from the taller surrounding building. ©Dirk Lindner


▼本案景观设计的最大特点是用晶体造型的廊架与爬藤植物的组合,打造一个独特的景观穹顶,the key feature of the landscape design is a high canopy in the form of a pergola, partially carrying climbing plants. ©Latz + Partner

The crystalline shapes of the garden reflect the language of the architecture. The forms are taken up in the arrangement of the planting beds, surfacing, water feature and the pergola structure. Even the floor is folded to create a landscape on the roof that varies in height, solving the surface water drainage and creating different levels. The Yorkstone used as paving takes up the materiality of the footways on ground floor level to underline the garden being a public open space.

▼这个水池结构将空间结构划分为露台和休息区。静水面反射着天空的倒影, 给屋顶花园带来了丝丝凉意,同时和长势繁茂的植物一起营造出亲密的花园氛围,A water basin structures the space spatially into a terrace and a seating zone. The calm surface reflects the sky, brings in cooling and conveys an intimate garden atmosphere along with the lush planting.  ©Dirk Lindner


The Pergola structure crowns the building on the 15th floor where trees would have been likely to fail. The supports are designed to become the wisteria trunks of this green canopy that surrounds the visitors in summer by lush green, giving shade and framing extraordinary views of the London skyline. To ensure healthy growth of the wisteria a special substrate even extends partially beneath the paving.

▼晶体造型的屋顶花园呼应了建筑的设计语言,the crystalline shapes of the garden reflect the language of the architecture ©Dirk Lindner

▼廊架在外部开放的环境中营造出一个半围合的空间,伦敦天际线的景色在此尽收眼底,the Pergola offers a more sheltered surrounding in an otherwise exposed situation and frames fantastic views towards the London skyline. ©Dirk Lindner

▼凉亭局部,其支撑结构成为了植物的藤架,partial view of the Pergola structure, its supporting elements become the wisteria trunks ©Dirk Lindner

▼屋顶花园为人们在繁忙的城市街区直接提供了一个静谧的休憩场所,the garden offers a peaceful retreat from busy City streets. ©Dirk Lindner


The metal structure of the two pergola frames also extends over large technical plant spaces and hide away the air intakes from the view of neighbouring high-rise buildings. The walls enclosing the roof facilities have been integrated into the garden design and amended to spatially improve the situation. The enclosures are turned into attractive greened walls that create protected seating opportunities.

▼游人在Gallery Walk 中移步换景,欣赏伦敦天际线的壮丽景色,the Gallery Walk offers continuously changing splendid views, looking over the London skyline. ©Latz + Partner

▼原办公楼的屋顶墙体结构被很好地融合进了花园设计中,the walls enclosing the roof facilities have been integrated into the garden design ©Latz + Partner

▼在对植物的选择上考虑了墙体朝向的因素,这会导致其在暴露于太阳或主要风向之前产生小的微气候,从而打造不同的特征区域, the choice of plants takes also into account the different orientations of the walls that result in creating small micro-climates pending its exposures to the sun or main wind directions, thus providing different character areas. ©Latz + Partner

▼墙面细节,wall surface details ©Latz + Partner

▼项目概念,the concept diagram ©Latz + Partner

▼屋顶花园鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view of the garden ©Latz + Partner (Visualisierung: die-grille)

▼剖面图,section ©Latz + Partner

项目设计 & 完成年份:2008年受邀竞赛第一名,设计2011-2018,完成2019
主创及设计团队:Tilman Latz, Marcus Rindt
建筑面积:2200 m²
合作方:Eric Parry Architects (Architect), LUC Land Use Consultants (Construction management)
客户:Saxon Land BV c/o Greycoat CORE Real Estate LLP

Project name: The Garden at 120
Design: Latz + Partner
Design year & Completion Year: 1st prize in invited competition: 2008, design 2011-2018, completion 2019
Leader designer & Team: Tilman Latz, Marcus Rindt
Project location: London, UK
Gross Built Area (square meters): 2,200 m²
Partners: Eric Parry Architects (Architect), LUC Land Use Consultants (Construction management)
Clients: Saxon Land BV c/o Greycoat CORE Real Estate LLP
Award: Green Good Design Award 2020

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