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Break the tradition, highlight the texture

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Rhizomatiks, in need of an office expansion, relocated their main office to Nakameguro, while concentrating all studio functions in the existing Ebisu office.  We designed the new Nakameguro office accommodating functions including operation, management, programming, and design.

▼公共办公区域,public office area © Kenta Hasegawa


▼大型会议室,large-sized meeting room © Kenta Hasegawa

▼空间细部,details © Kenta Hasegawa

▼私人会议室,private conference room © Kenta Hasegawa

In addition to providing two private rooms and three meeting rooms, it was necessary to separate access routes to respective meeting rooms in anticipation of visits by different clients at the same time. We separated access routes by using one of the two entrances to exclusively access the large-sized meeting room, while using the other to access the mid-sized meeting room and private rooms.

▼走廊等候区域,waiting aera © Kenta Hasegawa

▼储物间细部,the storage details © Kenta Hasegawa


The clients also wanted to wipe out the typical office-like interior. Because it is located on the top floor, however, the insulated ceiling cannot be exposed. Instead, we removed the floor finish and exposed the raised access floor. We installed unfinished steel racks to match the steel floor, and spread the impression of the floor throughout the space.

▼空间中的绿植装饰,the plant decoration © Kenta Hasegawa

▼细部,details © Kenta Hasegawa

▼平面图,plan © Schemata Architects

▼剖面图,section © Schemata Architects

Title: Rhizomatiks office
Architects:Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects
project team:Toshihisa Aida, Ou Ueno
Address:Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
total floor area: 375.64㎡
photographer:Kenta Hasegawa

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