THAI, China by WUJE

The shell under the starry sky

Project Specs


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▼餐厅概览,overview of the restaurant

The design of this case was inspired by a painting of my daughter, “by the sea”. The picture of the four sinking twilight line the stars of the seabed, shell-like tent, burning hot sand sea is very bright, let me moved. I like such a picture of the pure and beautiful nature of children. This is a natural beauty, but also a simple joy of children, and this is not the life I pursue the yuan?

▼餐厅空间生成,the generation of the restaurant

▼帐篷般的半包厢,private dinning table with a tent cover

▼灯光如星盘灯光错落有序点满天空,lighting design inspired by astrolabe lights scattered in the sky

画面一直徘徊在脑海中,我试着把这种画面的氛围带到创作中,于是在空间中搭起一个又一个的帐篷,我希望帐篷的形态像贝壳一样光亮。星盘灯光错落有序点满天空,用灯的光影投射出水波纹,我希望打造的这个空间中就餐能体验到一种孩童般的浪漫与快乐。 “生活贴得太近就会疏远灵魂,灵魂贴的太近就会疏远生活,”喧嚣人世,茫茫人海中间,唯诗与远方乃佳境。

▼设计灵感,空间中的一个个帐篷,design concept, a series of tents in the space

The picture has been lingering in my mind. I tried to bring the atmosphere of this picture into my creation, so I set up one tent after another in the space. I hope the shape of the tent is as bright as the shell. The astrolabe lights are scattered in an orderly way all over the sky, projecting water ripples with the light and shadow of the lights. I hope that the dining space created can experience a kind of childlike romance and happiness. “Life too close will alienate the soul, the soul too close will alienate the life,” the noisy world, the vast sea of humanity, only poetry and the distance is beautiful.

▼帐篷的形态像贝壳一样光亮,the shape of the tent is as bright as the shell

▼俯视半包厢,top view of the tents

▼卡座,sofa seating area

▼半包厢内部,inside of the tents


▼包厢,box room

主案设计 / WUJE-刘进才
设计内容 / 室内 品牌
设计团队 / 林宗凤 陈胜 刘静
家具定制 / 亚斯软装
设计时间 / 2019年
摄影 / 贺川

Design: WUJE
Design director / JIN CAI LIU
Design content / INTERIOR BRAND
Furniture customization / ANDREAS SOFT OUTFIT
Design time / 2019
The photographer / CHUAN HE

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