Terminal Building of Yueyang Sanhe Airport, China by Tao Zhi Studio, Architectural Design and Research Institute of SCUT

Far port’s returning sail

Project Specs


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The terminal building is innovative in the use of PTFE film structure system to create a unique modern air port modeling, steel structure shuttle and white film combination re-interpret Yueyang’s traditional attractions one of the eight scenes of Xiaoxiang: “Far port’s returning sail” artistic conception in a modern way, reflecting a strong modern atmosphere at the same time continue the traditional regional culture.

▼陆侧鸟瞰图,aerial view from the departure side

▼空侧鸟瞰图,aerial view from the landing side

▼钢结构梭柱与白色拉膜相结合,a combination of steel structure shuttle and white film


The terminal folding film roof extends forward to the form the building entrance ash space, above the gray space between each group of folding film roof is covered with saddle arc film, forming a wave undulating shape in the terminal main façade. Outbound passengers take a bus or car to the spacious entrance grey space, one side is station Square, the other side is more magnificent terminal indoor Hall through the V-steel column and transparent glass curtain wall, suddenly open.

▼主立面形成波浪起伏的造型,the wave undulating shape of the main façade

▼马鞍状的弧形结构在车道上方形成荫蔽空间,the saddle-like structure provides a series sheltered space above the lanes

▼车道边透视图,perspective along the road

▼檐下空间细部,detailed view


Indoor space is also full of drama, the design completely really shows folded film, forming ups and downs ceiling interface, between each group of pull film, there the shuttle glass skylight, providing  the hall with natural light, space is in the flow, light and shadow is in the change. Vibrant interior space brings passengers a beautiful flight experience. The transmittance of membrane material also greatly reduces the consumption of artificial lighting, responding to the concept of green and environmental protection.

▼每组拉膜之间为梭形的玻璃天窗,the skylights are installed between each two film structures


The configuration of the unit module has the characteristics of elastic expansion, in line with the requirements of future terminal expansion, to achieve the sustainable development of Yueyang Airport.

▼局部施工过程图,construction phase

▼未来扩建效果图,rendering of the future extension

▼总平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan


▼设计手稿,design sketch

设计时间:2015.03 – 2016.06
建造时间:2017.01 – 2018.12
建筑设计:陶郅 郭钦恩 谌珂 涂悦 陈子坚 练文誉 艾扬 陶立克 夏叶 唐骁珊 史萌 陈健生 黄承杰 李岳 倪尉超 龚程超 王佶
建筑面积:8000 m2
摄影版权:周珂 战长恒
文件整理:周珂 贾长浩 易紫薇 黄水力

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