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Sensations define function space of the house

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Hedonism and pleasure are possibly the two concepts most present in many of the decisions which were made in order to redesign this penthouse. The house, which is for a person who lives alone, is located in the center of Madrid.

▼住宅及城市环境,G house and urban surroundings


Traditionally, domestic space has been exclusively thought as a functional organization. This house considers also real and imagined aspects: it is now projected as a diffuse space, free of partitions, where the boundaries between rooms are blurred so that any unexpected events can happen.

▼住宅入口,entrance of the house


Different sensations define the function of each area such as smell, touch and sight that are the fundamental elements of construction; in like manner it is made of the desire to produce and consume experiences that are to come, in solitude or with company, such as sitting by the fire in the fireplace in the winter, bathing in the pool with the windows open, reading on the terrace in the middle of the vegetation or seeing the stars on the roof on a warm summer night.

▼散漫的室内空间,interior as a diffuse space

▼边界模糊的空间,the boundaries between rooms are blurred

▼餐厅和厨房,dinning area and kitchen

▼休闲起居空间,living area

▼室内浴池,bathing pool


The body is the protagonist of all these dreams that develop in a mutable hybrid space, halfway between a loft and a matryoshka. The actions of cooking, eating, sleeping, doing exercise, interacting with others, working or resting, take place in a free space they are defined by the shape and position of the objects with certain scenographic conditions. The cleaning and care of the body are carried out in a set of connected rooms in the heart of the house.



The storage system, a wooden chest-cabinet that occupies the center of the house, is the link between both worlds. It is an element of play: it hides a secret access to the bathroom between its doors, setting the scene of a place for surprise and mystery in the house.

▼住宅中央的木制柜子,a wooden chest-cabinet in the center of  house

▼柜子隐藏着通往洗手间的秘密通道,closet hides a secret access to the bathroom


The interior space is bordered by a longitudinal planter of more than ten meters in length with two adjourning terraces facing south. They are green landscapes set up as artificial devices that dissolve the boundaries between the public and the private, the interior and the exterior and the house and the city.

▼朝南的露台,terraces facing south

▼从露台看室内和长花架,view from terraces to interior space and longitudinal planter


All this is my house, the one I need. A home that, far from being a space of representation and appearance, seeks above all the celebration of life.



▼轴测,axonometric drawing


▼城市剖面,urban section

▼住宅剖面,house section

Title: G house
Architect: gon- Gonzalo Pardo
Colaborators: Alejandro Sánchez, Clara Dios
Construction: Alejandro Ruíz. Serviteco Obras sl
Wood carpentry: Mariano García. Alma Ebanistería sl
Kitchen: Victoria González Expósito. vonna
Pictures: Imagen Subliminal
Location: Madrid
Year: 2018
Client: Private
Surface: 121,5 ㎡

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